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7 Ways You Know It’s Springtime at Villanova


1.  The fountain is back on

The splashing water is a sure sign of beautiful weather. This sight while walking to class is certain to help you put memories of snow and freezing temperatures in the past.



2.  No more slipping on the bricks

Those bricks on main seem like a death trap in the wintertime, but don’t fear any longer! There’s no need to worry about face planting in front of any cute guys (although still beware on rainy days). 

3.  Advertisements outside Rosie’s Mug

Whether walking to West or stopping in for a refreshment, the advertisement outside Rosie’s is a telltale sign of the seasons.  We’ve moved from peppermint hot chocolate and gingerbread lattes to smoothies and iced coffee!

4.  Dodging the frisbees

Incoming… Watch out for the Frisbees! Any green space—behind the Oreo, the front lawn, or the Grassy Knoll— is sure to be occupied by people throwing Frisbees and footballs.  Just watch out for any stray tosses!



5.  The return of the squirrels

Whether you love or hate them, they’re back! Our furry friends have been in hiding all winter, and they’ve emerged to enjoy the sunshine. Just be sure to pick up those fallen French fries… you might have a visitor if not.



6.  Sitting outside for lunch

The wait is over! Avoid the scramble for tables in Belle Air or Café Nova and sit outside instead.  Not only does it offer more sitting room, but it’s an opportunity to dine on that chicken parm sandwich while enjoying the beautiful day.



7.  Runners take to the pavement again

Except for those few brave souls, most people have kept their exercise indoors throughout the winter.  It’s time to break out those shoes and go for a run in the fresh air. Grab a friend and jog in the back neighborhoods!


Whether it’s the dead of winter or blossoming spring, we still can’t hide our love for the Nation!

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