7 Times Carrie Bradshaw Was All of Us Going Back to School

Anyone that's seen "Sex and the City" knows that Carrie Bradshaw is an inspiration. She owns her fashion sense, has an inspiring career, and faces problems with men that most women encounter. Although we aren’t sure if Carrie went to college, I’m sure she’d be just like us as we navigate our way through the first few weeks of classes.

1. When you start the day with fresh makeup and flawless hair



2. Aaaand end it a sweaty, disheveled mess



3. When you walk into class and see friends you haven’t seen since last semester



4. When the professor is going over the syllabus and you realize you need to buy a textbook, write two papers, and take three tests all for one class



5. When you know you aren't really going to do any of the assigned readings but listen anyway



6. When you and your friends all see the cute guy you couldn’t stop talking about all summer for the first time



7. When you’re assigned your first paper and it’s like you forgot how to write a complete sentence over the summer


Although we may not have the successful career that Carrie has (yet!) and a Mr. Big of our own, we all embody a little bit of Carrie Bradshaw, and we should all own that!