6 Things You Know Too Well if You’re The Youngest in Your Friend Group

So it’s heading into December of my sophomore year, and I’m still thriving at the young age of 18. Yes really, I’m only 18. Coming from Connecticut (the state with the latest school age cut-off in the country), when I was in elementary, middle and high school it never seemed that crazy that I was one of the youngest in my grade since there were plenty of us in the same boat. 

Once I got to college, however, people are constantly blown away when I reveal my age and I rarely run into any other 18-year-old sophomores. My best friends who are all 19 and 20 didn’t even realize my age until we had been friends for a few months, and they were shocked. There are definitely several advantages and disadvantages to being the baby. Here are a few things you understand if you’re in my position:

1. Your friends have a few more years of experience than you. They’ve already made and recovered from the mistakes you are currently making. Whether it’s “take Advil and you’ll be fine” or “don’t text him back” they can teach you from the mistakes they’ve made.

2. You can date up or down! Most of the freshman boys are still older than sophomore you so there are so many more possibilities!

3. You won’t be seeing the bars until second semester of your senior year… This one is probably the toughest since you’ll be going to frat parties for what will seem like eternity.

4. When all your friends turn 40 you’ll still be thriving in your 30s. It doesn’t seem to be a huge advantage now, but you’re youth will be extremely admired in the future.

5. Relying on your friends to buy you stuff that you can’t. As a freshman, you were only 17 years old and weren’t even allowed to buy cold medicine at CVS for yourself when you inevitably got sick. Thankfully your older friends have your back and can get you through your cold just by showing their ID.

6. Your friend group is basically a bunch of older sisters who always have your back. Their protectiveness can be a little annoying at times, but you know it’s for the best!