5 Cast Reunions That Will Excite Any Teenage Girl


1. One Tree Hill

There’s nothing like seeing the Tree Hill Crew back together without all the drama. Unfortunately, missing from this reunion was heartthrob Chad Michael Murray.


2. Boy Meets World on Girl Meets World

Nothing makes a 90’s kid happier than knowing Cory and Topanga are still the perfect couple. Not to mention their kids are adorable!

3. Saved by the Bell

Jimmy Fallon got the chance to fulfill every kid’s dream and attend Bayside High for a day with our favorite students.  



4. Drake and Josh

The most comedic sibling trio has gotten back together and they all look great. Hopefully this reunion didn’t involve any of Megan’s antics! 


5. Full House

The all-American family got back together to celebrate their 25th Anniversary. However, they’re missing an essential part of the Tanners without the Olsen twins! To quote Michelle Tanner, “Aw, nuts!”