Your Spring 2020 Color Palette

A new year brings a new Pantone color to kick everything off and with a new season coming up, new styles, trends and fashions will all be dictated by the colors established by forecasters six to twelve months ago. The color of 2020 is a throwback to the staples with Classic Black (19-4052), which is representative of endless opportunities. Since trend forecasting and color forecasting, are such hard to swallow and all-encompassing topics, I have broken it all down to the basics of what colors you’re going to be seeing for the spring and summer, and how to incorporate them into your seasonal wardrobe. While looking at all the colors that are going to make it big in the upcoming months, don’t forget your classics, like a bright white, a deep navy, an ash grey and a warm khaki.

  1. 1. Flame Scarlet

    This vibrant, bright red-orange hue is representative of confidence and determination. Wear it bold and proud as a hoodie or purse or tone it down as a hair scarf or bandana. Be careful what you pair it with though because of how loud this color is, pairing it with something that is equally as loud will have too much going on and pairing it with a color that isn’t as loud will make the outfit look disjointed. Try wearing it with denim or neutrals.

  2. 2. Saffron

    This bright yellow tone can add an unexpected flair to an outfit. It is bright and cheerful and has a personality of its own, so don’t be afraid to let it shine! This color is super versatile and looks great in any part of any outfit, but for a spring twist, try wearing it as a dress or skirt for a hyper-feminine appeal. 

  3. 3. Grape Compote

    This shade is a rival to the millennial pink we saw a few years back and I am absolutely loving it. It has the same feminity to it, yet a more sophisticated and regal appearance. This is the perfect color transitioning from the seasons because it still has those cool undertones, but when paired with a light fabric, it reads as very spring. A chiffon, silk or satin blouse in this shade would compliment any skin tone, or even as a hoodie or minimized as a purse with a black, white and grey monochromatic outfit would still give it the pop and attention it deserves.

  4. 4. Biscay Green

    This shade of aqua is one to rival the neon green we have seen in previous seasons. A much more serene version of the color, Biscay green is meant to be cool and refreshing, as it connects to cleansing waters. This shade works well as an accent of an outfit and would complement tones of blue or yellow, or could be paired with your classic neutrals, depending on how color savvy you are feeling. 

  5. 5. Faded Denim

    This shade is the perfect calming shade that goes with anything. Denim on denim will definitely be a trend once again this year with the rise of this color and the shades will be mixed and matched, but Faded Denim will likely appear in most designer collections. That being said, this is one of the most universal colors on this list and regardless of whether it is a trend or not this season, it will be seen in the light wash denim we see, but it will also appear in hoodies and sweatshirts, as well as accessories. Go wild with this one.