Why Women Need A Gynecologist In College

There’s been a lot of criticism about sexual health education in America. In middle school, I remember getting excited for my health class, and not because it was such a fun learning experience, but because I thought of it as a good time for me to nap. That whole hour and twenty-five minutes seemed unimportant and irrelevant to me. Now in college, when I think about that class I can’t help but feel angry when remembering the specifics of it. For starters, the instructor was a male gym teacher who probably didn’t want to explain how not all vaginas look alike, and he absolutely didn’t seem like the type to emphasize on the importance of having a gynecologist.

Thankfully, colleges today seem to have a much better grip on educating society on women’s health. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than my old gym instructor. Although access to health care is a different issue that I won’t go into today (it would be a book by the time I think I’m finished), I believe it’s essential for college women to make regular visits and to develop a relationship with a gynecologist.

Firstly, if you are vagina-owning person, you know that odor is key when determining if something is or isn’t wrong. Everyone has a different scent, and what may be alarming to one may be normal for another, but only a gynecologist will be able to know when an odor is indicative of something greater. Seeing a gynecologist regularly is the best way to keep track of certain odors and help promote a clean, working vagina.

Regular gynecologist appointments will also help keep track of STD’s and STI’s. If you are sexually active, having a good relationship with a gynecologist in your area is even more important for you. They will be able to inform you during what time frame you may have gotten an STD or STI, as well as provide you with the necessary prescriptions to combat those infections. Not only this, but a gynecologist can assist you with birth control options if desired.

If you ever do find something abnormal “downstairs”, it’s best to not Google your symptoms and then become all worried and frantic over something that isn’t diagnosed yet. Having a gynecologist to go to will provide a peace of mind because they will be able to offer a professional opinion. You no longer have to sit in silence and wonder if something is wrong—a gynecologist will know. They are there to help you and anything you may need!

As college women it’s easy to become caught up school or work and neglect our health, sexual or not. However, letting this happen will only hurt you. The VCU institute of women’s health is there to educate the community on women’s health services, offer research, and much more. The University Student Health Services is also a great place to start if you’re looking for a great gynecologist.

Make an appointment with a local gynecologist today—your vagina will thank you.

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