Why I Regret Dyeing My Hair Red

I had been dyeing my hair red for about four years, ever since my junior year of high school. I’d always envied people with red hair, and I absolutely loved the way it complimented my skin tone. I usually dyed my hair every four months as red fades fast, and my roots would be crazy long. At first I used at home hair dye and got either my friend’s mom, my mom or one of my friends to do it for me.

One day I decided to try getting my hair professionally dyed at the place where I got my hair cut. When my hair stylist did it I noticed my hair wasn’t as dark and it was much softer, so I started going to her every four months for a haircut and dye. I did that for two years and it wasn’t cheap.

I don’t remember exactly when, but I remember looking in the mirror at my fading red hair and long roots and thinking “I’m sick of this.” I wasn’t sick of the gorgeous red color, I was sick of the constant upkeep that came with the red and the money I was spending to get it. It was then that I decided to stop dyeing my hair red and go back to my natural light brown hair.

I went to my hair stylist and told her my decision, which she understood. I figured it would take a few times of dyeing my hair light brown to get back to my natural color. Boy, was I wrong. My stylist told me my hair seems to have natural warmth to it and since I dyed my hair red for so long, my hair is basically clinging to that red color. When I asked her how many times she thought it would take for my natural color to come back she said we would have to wait and see.

So far, I’ve dyed my hair light brown three times and my hair still has some red in it. Every time I dye it the red color vanishes more; my stylist even puts something in my hair to keep the red from coming out in the brown. But I can’t help but feel annoyed that it’s taking this much time and money to fade the red and get back to my natural color.

Like I said, I absolutely loved the red color, that’s why I kept it for four years. But since my hair is clinging to the red and it’s making me spend more money to get it out and making me regret ever dyeing it red in the first place.

Everyone’s hair is different so don’t not dye your hair red because of me. Just be aware that with a red hair color comes a lot upkeep, and it may take a while to get it completely out of your hair.

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