Why Everyone Should Start Watching "Love Island" on Hulu

With quarantine, television has become an escape for many people. We remember when everyone was watching the "Tiger King" series and the craze that surrounds "The Bachelor" premiere every year. There’s one show that is available on Hulu that has not gotten the attention it deserves. It’s dramatic, funny, full of amazing female friendships and is the epitome of escapism. It’s the British reality show "Love Island."

Here’s a little about the show. Basically, a group of unreasonably attractive 20-somethings from the United Kingdom are brought to a villa on the Spanish island of Mallorca. There, they will lay by the pool, drink champagne all day, play challenges against each other and compete to win $50,000 dollars by coupling up with another islander and making it to the end of the show. Along the way, the islanders find love, sometimes romantically but almost always through friends. There’s all of the drama that comes with reality television, but there is also a lot of heart. Here are eight reasons why you should stream "Love Island" next:

  1. 1. You Will Learn a Lot of British Slang

    After just a few episodes of "Love Island," you will probably find yourself saying “it is what it is” in response to every situation. “Mugged off,” “buzzing” and “grafting” are only a few of the other phrases you will learn.

  2. 2. It Gets You in the Perfect Mood for Summer

    With the cold weather, the lull of quarantine and the beginning of a new semester, it’s time that people start dreaming of summer. We all miss the fun and the excitement that comes with warmer weather. "Love Island" brings all the thrills and warmth of summer. You can practically feel the summer sun and the cool blue water of the infinity pool through your screen.

  3. 3. The Many Empowering Female Friendships

    As much as I love watching "The Bachelor," it bothers me to see all of the girls pitted against each other. It’s rare to see conversations outside of arguments and winning the bachelor. Meanwhile, from the moment the girls enter the Love Island villa, they become best friends. They welcome new girls warmly and encourage them in their romantic pursuits. They listen to each other’s problems and offer advice and a shoulder to cry on. Some of the best moments of the series come from watching the playful interactions between the friends. One contestant even said that although she never found romance in the villa, she found something more important: a lifelong friendship.

  4. 4. The Drama

    Florida palms

    It’s what we all watch reality television for, and "Love Island" has plenty of it. It can happen when a contestant announces that their “head has been turned” by the latest heartthrob to enter the villa. It can happen when a secret has been exposed and spreads like wildfire around the villa.

    It can happen during a shocking “recoupling." The excitement and drama that surrounds this show is enough to have your hand over your mouth or have you shouting at your television. I know this one from experience.

  5. 5. The Commentary

    What sets "Love Island" apart from other reality shows is the hilarious commentary from Scottish comedian Iain Stirling. Whether he’s making quips about the contestants or puns about the show itself, you’ll find yourself laughing out loud. Fair warning: you will be hearing his voice saying “previously on 'Love Island'” in your head for a month straight after watching the show.

  6. 6. The Romance

    One of the most rewarding parts of "Love Island" is watching a couple go from friends to lovers. It’s a journey to watch the couple from when they first enter the villa, start to realize their feelings for each other and go on their first date. The couples overcome many challenges, and it’s extremely rewarding to watch your favorite ones make it to the finale. 

  7. 7. It Will Widen Your World Perspective

    It seems that in the U.S., we often stick to shows that are American-made. It leads to the false perception that American shows are the best and only option. By watching shows from other countries, especially unscripted reality shows, it can widen your perceptions of the world and the people in it that are not from the states. You can learn how these people are different from us, but more importantly, how similar we are.

  8. 8. Simply Put: It’s a Fun Escape

    It’s not hard to admit that life has been hard since the pandemic. In a world where a lot of the little joys in life, such as seeing friends and family, have been taken away, it can be nice to just escape for a bit. "Love Island" is like a lot of other reality shows in the sense that there is not too much below the surface. You will not walk away from the show with a new world view or an epiphany, but sometimes that is okay. With all that we have been through for the past year, we deserve to watch something that will make us laugh and take us away from the world. Step into the sun-soaked villa in paradise for a few hours and remind yourself of the happy, carefree moments in life.