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Why ColourPop is a Brand to Watch

When you think “quality makeup,” what comes to mind? Personally, I think of luxury brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills and Laura Mercier—brands that charge $40 plus for their products. 

However, there’s a brand that’s quite literally changing the game when it comes to quality makeup, and almost everything is under $20. They’re called ColourPop, and if you haven’t heard of them by now—you’re welcome. 

Founded in 2014 by Seed Beauty in Los Angeles, ColourPop set out with one mission—producing quality makeup at prices everyone could afford. They started off with their infamous Ultra Matte Liquid Lips and revolutionary Super Shock Shadows and have only expanded from there, giving customers everything they’ll need on their vanity from eyebrow pencils to mascara. They’re constantly cranking out new products, so there’s always a wide variety of things to choose from; just last week they announced a new collaboration the same day they released a new line of lip glosses. Fans have started asking if they sleep because of how frequently they release new products or lines—not that it’s a bad thing.

This brand has made a huge impact in the booming beauty industry, showing competitors that there’s no need to charge $50 for a palette and showing consumers that there’s no need to pay that much for quality makeup. They have continued to expand their reach and relevance with influencer collaborations with KathleenLights, ILuvSarahii, Bretman Rock and recently Zoella—again proving that smaller indie brands can pack quite a punch. Recently, the brand moved from only being sold online to being featured in Ulta—a huge deal for a brand who charges an average of $6 per product. 

Now that your interest is piqued, here are the six best items ColourPop has in their arsenal. You’re welcome.

1. Super Shock Shadow: $5

There’s a reason these were one of their first products, and have remained bestsellers. These shadows are unlike any other formula I’ve ever tried—and trust me, I’ve tried a lot of eyeshadows. They’re creamy, super blendable and stay put all day; all of which have earned these a permanent stay on my vanity. Some of my favorites are Wattles, Birthday Wish and Bill—but at only five dollars a pop, these are well worth picking up one, or two…or ten.

2. Precision Brow Pencil: $5

I’m not exaggerating when I say that this is the only makeup product I am 100 percent exclusive to. I will never pick up another brow pencil for as long as I live if it’s not ColourPop. Both the Precision Brow pencil and the Brow Boss pencil are the best things that have ever happened to my brows and are often the only product I use on a no-makeup makeup day. If you’re struggling to find a product that will change your brow game forever, run (don’t walk) to pick one of these up. These run out fairly quickly, but all the more reason to buy a backup—because trust me, you will not want to be without these. 

3. Super Shock Highlight: $8

Again, there’s a reason that these were some of the first products offered on their site—these highlights are, for lack of a better word, insane. They come in a full range of colors, for the palest of the pale girls (like me) to those with a deeper skin tone, and every single one of them is absolutely beautiful. Formulated in the same way as the eyeshadows of the same name, I can guarantee that these highlights are unlike anything you’ve ever used before. My personal favorites are Lunch Money and Flexitarian, and with as wide a range as they have you’re sure to find a few to try out.

4. No Filter Concealer: $6

Buying any kind of face product online is kind of a gamble—it could be your shade or something totally different. Thanks to ColourPop’s shade match, finding your shade is easy and worry-free. I consider myself somewhat of a drugstore concealer connoisseur; I’ve tried just about every single one at Ulta and was still looking for my perfect formula that would stay intact even on the sweatiest of Virginia summer days. This concealer has changed the drugstore concealer game—it’s creamy, not too mattifying and has the most insane coverage I have ever seen in a concealer. For less full-coverage days I just end up using this as both my concealer and foundation, and it stays put all day. This was the starting member for their No Filter Complexion family, and every product is worth a try.

5. Satin Liquid Lipstick: $6.50 

While their original claim to fame was their liquid-to-matte formula, my personal favorite is their satin lips. I’m not a huge matte lipstick person, they’re just too drying and messy for me. When I tried their satin lipstick formula I knew I was never going to go back—and, true to my word, I haven’t. These might be the most comfortable liquid lips I have ever used, especially if you have chronically dry lips like yours truly. They’re not drying and feel like your lips, but better; there’s no need to worry about your lipstick flaking off in the middle of the day. My personal favorites are Alyssa, Aquarius and Canoodle, and the wide range of colors they offer all but guarantee you’ll find a new favorite lippie.

6. Pressed Shadow Palettes: $12 to $24

This was where ColourPop cemented itself as my favorite makeup brand. All of their pressed shadows are amazing, but their pressed shadow palettes are creamy, pigmented and the wide range of palettes offered will make any makeup junkie happy—from nudes to blues to firey warm colors, there’s something for everyone in their collection. My personal favorite is KathleenLights’ Dream St., but I’ve had my eye on Yes, Please for a while…

Will you be picking any of these up? Let us know!

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