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Which Birth Control Are You Based on Your Star Sign?

*This is not medical advice. Please see your doctor to determine what form of birth control will work best for you.

You might be familiar with any of the following signs: Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn.  Your sun sign is the one that you embody the most and probably the one you think of when you think of your star sign. Each star sign has certain compatibility with other signs and distinct personality traits. Just like determining your birth chart by using the position of the planets in orbit, some women track their period cycle as a form of birth control.  However, this can potentially be unreliable, and there are more effective methods of birth control. But do you know what birth control you are most like based on your star sign?

Aquarius: Implant

This sign values friendship over any type of relationship and cares deeply about issues of the greater good. Their freeness, like Sagittarius, doesn’t exactly make them the relationship type, but they prefer to be alone. Their thinking is unconventional and creative, but they most likely relate to the implant. Its low maintenance makes it easier for Aquarius to focus on bigger issues, and the five years it takes to replace helps.

Pisces: Condom

This sign thrives in relationships. Their emotion and intuitiveness makes them very kind, but they can also get a little too excited. In an emotional act of self-defense, they can run away from the relationship and are also considered a party animal. They do tend to think before acting, but not to Aries’s level. Their indecisiveness leads them to the condom as a form of birth control.  They don’t want to commit to any specific pill, IUD or implant, and are too impulsive for those.   

Aries: Plan B

Aries are competitive, independent, and always up for a challenge. This sign is quick to fall in love and adores PDA. They are typically positive thinkers and strive to be the best. Their love of being spontaneous and impulsivity, however, can get them into trouble sometimes.  Their habit of acting before they think can lead to consequences they had been too excited to realize about at the time.  Plan B is similar in the fact that it is typically used after something doesn’t go according to plan.  One night of spontaneity can result in taking the pill up to three days later.  It shouldn’t be used regularly, but sometimes it’s necessary to be extra safe.  

Taurus: Copper IUD

Tauruses are one of the most reliable and loyal signs. They embody the motto of “work hard, play hard,” as they recognize the value of money and hard work, yet spoil themselves with calm, soothing environments and smells when relaxing. Their loyalty is priceless, although they can be stubborn.  The copper IUD would likely relate to Taurus the most. They work extremely effectively yet, at the end of the day, are very low maintenance. Not only that, but the copper IUD doesn’t release hormones like the regular IUD does, maintaining Taurus’s natural balance of hormones.

Gemini: Arm Implant

Although stereotypically known for being two-faced, in reality, the Gemini is far more than that.  They are funny, social and love to communicate. Their want for attention is similar to Leo, but Geminis achieve it through talking and humor. They are spontaneous but also like getting on that deeper level with another person. The implant, which is 99% effective, is very low maintenance. Since it gets inserted in the arm and stays there for up to five years, it creates a good story for Gemini to show it off.

Cancer: The Pill

Once you get past their hard exterior, you’ll realize that Cancer is nurturing and generous. It takes time for them to trust, but once you earn it, they are incredibly loyal. In addition to their intuitive trait, they are also careful and consistent. Like Virgo, Cancer is also most like the pill. Their steadiness and consistency allow them to keep the same habits. Similar to birth control, which is most effective when taken regularly, Cancer is least vulnerable with high levels of consistency.   

Leo: The Shot

The star of the show is Leo. Similar to Gemini, Leo wants attention but takes it to the next level. They are loyal and supportive, but also love drama and need constant attention. Anyone in a relationship with this sign could be considered a power couple. They can be extremely sensitive if they don’t get the attention they think they deserve and this sign most likely relates to the birth control shot. This shot is needed every three months, but also similarly to Gemini, it’s a cooler story to tell than your average pill.

Virgo: The Pill

This sign is known for being studious, and they strive for perfection in all areas of their life. Their organizational skills and need for consistency might be overkill for any other sign, but it’s practically a habit to them. Just like birth control pills, Virgos need to keep a detailed schedule down to the last minute. One pill is taken the same time every day, and this could come as second-nature to a Virgo. 

Libra: Copper IUD

Similar to Pisces, Libra is happiest in a relationship.  They value balance and harmony, and their refined taste can make any date feel fancier than it is. Their love for equality and keeping the peace will sometimes make them tell white lies, but they just don’t want to disappoint. Libra, like Taurus, is most similar to the copper IUD. The copper material allows it to work its magic without disrupting Libra’s natural hormone balance.  

Scorpio: The Patch

This sign is also a relationship sign. Scorpio relates to other people by exploring their souls. They know how seductive they can be and use it to their advantage, although this contributes to their issues of wanting power and control. Scorpio is similar to the birth control patch. The patch is effective, like Scorpio is in their ways, and is worn on the body.  

Sagittarius: Hormonal IUD

Leo might be the star of the show, but Sagittarius is the life of the party. They are curious and adventurous and take pride in not staying in one place for too long. This sign is good at communicating, but not at being in a steady relationship, as they’re just looking for their next big adventure.  Sagittarius is most similar to the hormonal IUD. This IUD is even more effective than the copper one. After getting one, it can last anywhere from three to 12 years.  

Capricorn: Ring

This is a surprising sign, as they seem to age backward. Capricorns demand respect but can be wild and, yet, committed once they warm up to you. Their traditional dates are nothing out of the ordinary, but their positive mind and bright thinking make any activity a fun one. Capricorns are most similar to the birth control ring. The ring is more unique than other forms of birth control, yet it is over 90% effective. Like matter-of-fact Capricorns, the ring does its job efficiently but can be replaced every month. 

You may relate to the birth control you’re most like based on your sun sign, or maybe a birth control of a similar star sign. Regardless, these are some characteristics of forms of birth control you may now be more interested in! 

Claire Early is currently a senior at VCU. She is studying mass communications with a concentration in public relations.
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