Whats Going on with NATO?

History of the North Atlantic Trade Organization

The North Atlantic Trade Organization is a treaty that is formally known as NATO. NATO was put into place by President Harry Truman in 1949, members consist of North America and Europe. This was to defend each other against any threat of communism that could possibly take over their nation. The provision has been invoked once, in the attack of 9/11. 

Who’s Paying?

Each member of NATO is responsible for contributing a portion of their GDP into their military forces. Which leads to the issues that NATO is facing today? Late last year Trump suggested that we pull out of NATO because he simply did not see the point of the alliance anymore, he believes that this treaty does not do anything but drain the United States. Many officials have tried to change the president’s mindset by presenting strategies of the importance of NATO. What many officials are worried about Trump's avid desires to dissolve America’s affiliation with the treaty due to the relationship that Trump has with Mr. Putin, does trump have ties to Russia?

NATO is a powerful alliance that was put in place in the year 1949, dismantling this alliance would be one of the biggest setbacks in United States history. NATO has worked through several administrations Republican and Democratic alike. 

Trump has not been the only president to question NATO. President Barack Obama spoke at a conference after Russian Annexation of Crimea in 2014. The biggest concern of his was about a diminished level of defense spending among the United States partners in NATO. Which Trump blames Obama for, he believes that Obama “gave away” U.S creditability when he didn’t go through with airstrikes in Syria. Trump, also stated that President Obama lost Crimea because President Putin didn’t respect Obama, he felt that Obama did not respect Putin or the Ukraine which is the reason why they never met. 

Will the United States Pull Out?

The relationship between Putin and Trump has flourished over the two years of Trump being in office. Many worries there is a conflict of interest, which is why Trump wants to leave the treaty. However, there aren’t many people that can stop his decision making. If President Trump wanted to do so, the law would be on his side such as the constitution itself. 

It has been brought up several times that there is not a mechanism put in place to whip other countries into shape when they aren’t paying their dues. The United States has always been the backbone of the treaty. Traditionally the U.S. has always been there for other affiliate members to keep the alliance.​

Trump has stated that he will not pull out of NATO, but other countries have to start “pulling their own weight”, like pledging 2% of their GDP by 2024. “European relies on the United States. Were the iron clad” says Barry Colman. There have been 13 other countries that have joined NATO since 1949, “we’re going to need NATO maybe another 70 years” says Alexander Vershbow, a former U.S. ambassador to Russia and deputy NATO secretary-general.


What do you think? Has NATO served its purpose?

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