What Your Favorite Halloween Candy Says About You

As Halloween time draws to a close, you are able to look back on the different types of candy that you either gathered as a child or you can look back on all the trips to Walmart in your adult life to go get Halloween candy, since you are too old to go trick-or-treating. Here are what your favorite types of Halloween candy say about you.

Chocolate Bars

You are the friend that loves to tell everyone about themselves. You are able to spit out a comeback within seconds. You're a classic, confident soul. You don't need much to satisfy your sweet cravings, and that is more than fine with you. You are probably an English or Mass Comm major.


You're a bright, sparkling personality, no matter what room you're in. With a good outlook on life, everyone can find something to like about you. You treat everything and everyone around you with respect. You are probably a history major.


You have a multi-faceted personality. You like lots of things and you don't care if they match or if they don't. Sometimes people might think that makes you mysterious or complicated, but you're just your own person. You're a warm and welcoming person. There are layers to who you are as a being, and everyone feels comfortable around you. You're an extrovert who is probably a science major.

Kit Kats

You always go with the flow and just let things happen. You're definitely the person in your friend group whose style is always on point no matter where you're going, and you're the one people tend to flock to. You are probably a fashion major. 

Candy Corn

You are a very strange character -- much stranger than people realizes at first. Like candy corn, the more people think about you, the weirder you seem. While you are quite quirky, that’s what is lovable about you. You are probably an undeclared student or some off the wall major no one has heard about before. 

M & M’s

You're a model citizen. You take your trash out on the right day, you always recycle and you are currently trying to move into a tiny home to save the earth. You are probably either a political science student or an engineering student. 


You're the creative type. You like taking risks and stretching yourself in new, artistic ways. You are probably an art student or a design student.

An Apple

You are the party pooper of the group or just an up and coming dental student. Either way, you are no fun.

Enjoy your "spook-tacular" Halloween, as well as all of the candy you have most likely accumulated!

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