What The Year of The Pig Means For You


Born before Feb. 4 in 1993


If you’re single: If things haven’t been going your way in the realm of love lately, that means it’s time to switch up your habits. Come out of your shell, Rooster, and be open to new people and experiences that you hadn’t considered before.

If you’re in a relationship: Invest in your significant other this year, spiritually and romantically. Find out what makes their heart glow the most and use that to promote inspiration in partnership.

Social: There is room for improvement in many of your personal relationships, Rooster. Take the time to be more patient when listening to others, and remember to be respectful of the fact that not everyone you are close to has had the same experience you have.

Wealth: This is a good year for you to take up a side hustle if you don’t already have one! The Pig will bring you rare and unique opportunities to make some extra money!


Born before Feb. 4 in 1994


If you’re single: Put yourself out there this year, Dog! Someone very special is waiting for you, you just have to find them. Now is not the time to turn down an invitation to a social gathering - you miss all of the shots you don’t take!

If you’re in a relationship: You and your partner will have challenges early in the year that will strengthen your bond if you work together to overcome them. Pig brings the hard-earned happiness and unity that you two deserve.

Social: If you’re feeling bored or uninspired with your current friendships, it could be time to start forging new bonds. You can absolutely cultivate new relationships while still nurturing the old ones. More is merrier for you this year, Dog.

Wealth: Try not to get too discouraged if you feel like you’ve missed some opportunities for financial gain this year, Dog. When one door closes, trust that another one will open soon.


Born after Feb. 4 in 1995


If you’re single: When Pig meets Pig, there can be some friction since you two are not sure if you are partners or competitors. Be patient this year and don’t stress if you’re not able to find what you’re looking for. Just stay alert and love will find you, Pig.

If you’re in a relationship: Watch out for outsiders trying to manipulate their way into your relationship. No one knows what you share with your significant other except you, Pig. Don’t waste your time on people that think they know your heart better than you.

Social: Prepare yourself for a very busy year, Pig! If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed by social engagements, remember to save time for yourself, and ration the rest to the relationships that satisfy your spirit the most.

Wealth: Due to the conflict of interests that the meeting of two Pigs represents, this year may be a tough one financially. If you suffer a significant loss, try to keep your head up and stay optimistic because you have all the time and the talent necessary to get back on your feet.


Born after Feb. 4 in 1996


If you’re single: Try not to turn down opportunities to get out of the house and socialize, and seek them out if you can!

If you’re in a relationship: Hanging out with your partner and your mutual friends is fun and healthy, but make sure you’re also setting aside plenty of alone time to spend as a couple.

Social: Get creative with the ways in which you present yourself through self-expression; Don’t underestimate the power of a subtle change in bringing a treasure trove of new people into your orbit.

Wealth: Hold your money close this year - you’ve earned it. Be wary of investment opportunities that seem too good to be true, and think twice before you loan money to friends.


Born after Feb. 4 in 1997


If you’re single: Since Pig brings you good fortune and opportunity, make sure to keep your eyes open. Love could find you at any moment.

If you’re in a relationship: If it feels right this year, that means it is right. Don’t be afraid to open your heart, Ox - it’s time to stop holding back in the face of commitment. 

Social: Pig brings Ox good fortune in all areas of life this year; There will be abundant opportunities for expanding your social network and building your reputation. Keep up with self-care to keep your spirit invigorated.

Wealth:  As you can tell, this is a year of opportunities for you. If you stay focused and remember to always trust your gut, you will find yourself at your wealthiest!


Born after Feb. 4 in 1998


If you’re single: Don’t stress if you feel like you need more time to work on yourself before jumping into a commitment this year. Be patient and keep your head up during the first half of the year - May and June will bring new beginnings as spring arrives.

If you’re in a relationship: Your significant other should be one of your main priorities this year. Put the work in, and you will be reaping fabulous rewards! Invest in something together, like a romantic trip or a meaningful project. 

Social: Sheryl Crow’s “Soak Up The Sun” is your theme song this year! Sunshine will bring you the positive energy that you’ve been pining for, Tiger. Outdoor activities and daytime social events will give you a glow that will attract the people you’ve been looking for.

Wealth: Pig wants your money, Tiger, but unfortunately cannot be trusted with it. Be extra cautious with your investment choices this year. 


Born after Feb. 4 in 1999


If you’re single: Try your best to ignore possible pressures from friends and family about the people close to your heart this year, Rabbit. Acknowledge advice from your elders, but have faith in yourself to know what is best for your own love life.

If you’re in a relationship: Prepare to be rewarded for all the work you have put in so far! You will find new harmony in your union when your partner begins to devote more time and energy to you, Rabbit!

Social: People are starting to notice the new you, Rabbit. Taking advantage of the strong aura of confidence that Pig has brought you is a wise investment in yourself and your friendships, new and old.

Wealth: Someone born in the year of the Snake will be a valuable financial advisor to you this year. Snake does not want to hurt you - accept their help with an open mind and you will find in them a mentor for life.


Born after Feb. 4 in 2000


If you’re single: You are tough enough to handle whatever turbulence Pig brings your way this year, Dragon. But just because you feel like you have to stay strong, don’t be afraid to be vulnerable when it feels right. The person you’ve been looking for might be right in front of you, but if you don’t open up you will never know.

If you’re in a relationship: If you’re starting to feel too entangled with your partner’s life this year, it may be time to take a break and focus on yourselves. Personal freedom is worth your exploration. 

Social: Be careful with your words and your actions this year, Dragon. Now is not the time for making new enemies.

Wealth: Be wary of good fortune that Pig brings you early on in the year - it may come at a price. The horse is the mother element of the Dragon, so look to people born in the year of the Horse to give you financial guidance this year.

Image Credit: Barbara Giordano