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What Virginia Colleges Our Favorite Kids’ Show Characters Would Attend

As every student who attends a Virginia college knows, each college has their own stereotype. I chose seven different characters from the late 1990s and early 2000s kids’ television shows to categorize into some of the major colleges in Virginia.

1. The College of William & Mary – Kim Possible

Major: International Relations

The College of William and Mary is known for its prestigious programs and low acceptance rate. This is the perfect place for Possible to work on her studies, fight crime and still have time for extracurriculars. During her time at William and Mary, Kim Possible will study international relations while still fighting international crime in her free time.


2. Virginia Tech – Jimmy Neutron

Major: Engineering

We all knew this one was coming. Jimmy Neutron, “boy genius,” is clearly going to attend Virginia Tech for engineering. The school is known for its Engineering program so surely an inventor, like Jimmy Neutron, would go there.


3. U of R – Angelica Pickles (Rugrats)

Major: Political Science

Angelica Pickles is used to getting what she wants and will argue her point to the end. Her place at the University of Richmond would be well deserved among the children of upper-class families and overall rich preppy kids.


4. ODU – Ed, Edd, and Eddy

Major: Business

With the acceptance rate around eighty percent, the boys would most likely look for one of the easiest places to get into with minimal work needed. They would clearly go for a business degree due to the business schemes that they would put together but never truly get away with.


5. UVA – Danny Phantom

Major: Perceptual Studies

Danny Phantom isn’t the first person I would think of when I think of the University of Virginia, but every college is looking to increase their acceptance rate in smaller departments. Since Danny Phantom is part ghost it is clear that he would be a perceptual studies major, which is a small department offered at UVA. He would only get in based on the luck of this program and not actually based on his grades since he wasn’t exactly the ideal student in high school.


6. Shenandoah University – Ginger Foutley (As Told by Ginger)

Major: Music

Ginger Foutley loves to spend her time writing and playing music with her guitar. She would definitely become a Shenandoah University Hornet majoring in music education. Foutley would fit right into the small, private liberal arts university, which would hopefully help her to break out of her shell.


7. VCU – Mac (Foster’s Home For Imaginary Kids)

Major: Kinetic Imaging

Mac would fit in great at Virginia Commonwealth University’s art school. He would major in kinetic imaging where he could create animated films based on the imaginary friend characters found in the television show. He is a creative and fun spirit who would definitely fit in at VCU.


All Virginia colleges have their own stereotypes for both the school and the students that attend it and none of these portrayals are meant to be offensive to anyone.

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Autumn is a junior at Virginia Commonwealth University studying Forensic Science with a concentration in Biology and minors in Anthropology, Biology, and Chemistry. She has an addiction to Starbucks and Panera Mac and Cheese and can usually be found with her nose in a book during her free time. She is also an active member of VCU's Rowdy Rams and the Forensic Science Student Club. In her free time, she loves to watch movies and hang out with her friends and family; including her beloved dog, Jake.
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