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What It Means to Be an “Interesting Person”

In this age of technology, what does it really mean to be an “interesting” person? Although Webster’s Dictionary defines interesting as “holding the attention of; arousing interest,” there is no textbook definition of what an “interesting person” looks like. I believe that the three main characteristics that make someone truly interesting are perspective, authenticity and connection.


To be interesting means to have a perspective that is different from the usual—being able to have something unique to say and contribute to the conversation that deepens it. The key to having a unique and interesting perspective is what you essentially feed your mind. This could be the books you read, shows you watch or podcasts you listen to. It could also be from the experiences you have, whether through travel or immersion in different cultures or through social interactions. Having a unique and broader perspective shapes creativity, critical thinking and curiosity, which are all 21st-century skills that are essential to success.



Another factor of being interesting is showing up in a way that shows people what makes you uniquely you. Most of us, especially because of the influence social media has on us, struggle to show our whole selvesour unfiltered selves so we respect the people brave enough to actually do it. It takes courage to let go of these societal norms that tell you who you should be, how to act, and how to look and fully lean into who we are. But to be truly ourselves is the only state in which we do our best work and live up to our true potential. There is nothing more interesting about a person then them being true to themselves. The key here is not trying to replicate and do exactly what others do. Instead, it’s about finding your own voice and way of being. This is what makes you successful in life and, eventually, your professional life as well. It’s all about how much of yourself you are bringing to the table.



Another aspect of being an interesting person, in my opinion, is how you engage people. Are you making a personal connection? Are you genuinely interested in the other person? How do you go about sharing what you know? When it comes to connecting with others, it starts with sharing what you know. This is contributing to the conversation. Then it’s all about conversingsharing what you know as a part of the conversation without dominating it. The third part of it is sharing ideas. This means bringing in ideas that offer a fresh perspective and allow people to gain another way of looking at things. Being able to engage people in what you are talking about is a skill that is helpful not only in social situations but in the work environment also.


These are more than three components that go into making an interesting person, but in my opinion, these are the three most important aspects. In short, what makes an “interesting person” is that they bring a unique, different perspective to the conversation and that they are 100% true to themselves.


Tara is a junior HPEX health science major at Virginia Commonwealth University. She likes hanging out with friends and family, trying out new places to eat and scrolling through dog videos in her free time.
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