What is Generation Unlimited?

As a junior in college, I’ve started to be more aware of my surroundings and follow the news. There are so many events happening in our country, it’s almost impossible to keep track of them all. One important event that happened last week in the United Nations was the launch of Generation Unlimited.

Generation Unlimited is a United Nations youth strategy that is designed to help and build up the future in a positive direction including poverty, unemployment, education and health. Also called Youth2030, this foundation is created to make it a better place with the help of youths around the world by 2030. To support this cause, speakers like Lilly Singh and BTS came to further encourage and discuss how with the advancement of our technology and the powerful voices of our generation, we can make a difference to all the youths around the world.

According to the UN, there are 1.8 million young people (from ages 18-24) in the world - the largest of our generation. When people say that we are the future, the numbers definitely show that the decisions we make is what’s going to shape the next years until the next generation. It’s time to empower the young people to take over and solve world crisis.

To start this foundation, the UN has created five steps. First, to gather more youth leaders and helpers and engage with planning and strategizing the ten year plan to a better society. Second, to focus on how to spread education and health services to youths that cannot afford it in underdeveloped areas. Third, to encourage economic power to allow more opportunities for young people to have jobs and successful careers. Fourth, to be sure that young people are aware of their political rights in their respective areas and be involved in civic and political duties. Lastly, to support and help those young people who are in humanitarian crisis.

So why should you care about this partnership? It is time for the young generation to wake up and see the troubles that our world is in. It is time to use what we were learning in our daily lives and apply them to help end worldwide issues that have been prevalent for ages. It is time to help those our age who don’t have access to education to actually go to school and have the privileges of learning, just like we do. This is the start of a new era, with a goal to build a better world.

To learn more information about Generation Unlimited and more about their plan of action, visit this link. Remember to spread the word and support this movement so that we can involve as much youths as possible to do the best we can. We are the future.

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