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What To Expect From Paris Fashion Week 2019

The first week of February marks the first week of when all the fashion giants debut their latest Spring/Summer 2019 lines. Paris is one of the biggest fashion capitals of the world and is predicted to host spectacular shows from Louis Vuitton, Celine, and Gucci. With all the changes in the fashion industry, here’s what to expect with the upcoming big week:

1.) Louis Vuitton 

Virgil Abloh has made a name for himself in both the street wear industry with his label Off-White, as well as being the first African American to be the head of Louis Vuitton’s mensware line. His modern take on the luxury classic changed Louis Vuitton’s brand made the label popular with the younger market. Abloh’s designs last year featured futuresque metallic fabrics, hollographic monogram duffle bags and colorful chains in replace of leather straps. In contrast, Abloh featured a more neutral palette during the Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2019 with more monochromatic black, grey and beige looks. It’ll be interesting to see more of his vision during the Louis Vuitton show in Paris.

2.) Celine

When Hedi Slimane took over Celina after Phoebe Philo stepped down, there was much debate and controversy that Slimane’s designs were a mock up of his designs from Sain Laurent. With Celine’s most recent rebrand, people are protesting to bring back #OldCeline and there has even been Instagram pages and T-shirts made to support the movement. With Celine’s fashion show, it’ll be interesting to see whether Slimane responds back to the controversy by bringing the classic Celine flare back or paint an entirely new portrait for the brand altogether. 

3.) Gucci 

Since Gucci’s comeback in 2015, the fashion label has been announced as the most successful brand in the business. The fashion powerhouse has appealed to the millenial masses with its laid back track suits and loud prints. Gucci changed their usual fashion show location in Milan to be showcased in Paris and we’re excited to see what trends the brand will bring to the street style realm.

With many more designers to look forward to, we’re excited to see what new trends Paris Fashion Week 2019 will bring as the weather warms up for the Spring/Summer season!

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Hannah Zhang is a senior at Virginia Commonwealth University majoring in Economics and on the pre-med track. She has a deep love for Frank Ocean, flaming hot cheetos, and food. She enjoys Dad jokes and a good read!
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