Want Natural Five-Minute Faux Freckles? I've Got the Product for You

*I and HerCampus at VCU are in no way sponsored or affiliated with “Freck." I am just a fan who wanted to promote the product on her own.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted freckles. My best friend in elementary school had the cutest dusting of spots along her cheeks and shoulders which we affectionately dubbed “angel kisses”. So when the faux freckle trend rolled around, you better believe that I was first in line to try it.

Unfortunately, ya girl is not artistically gifted in the makeup department. Everything outside of mascara and lip gloss is out of my sphere of possibility. So everytime I tried, it just look like an absolute mess.  And I am far too broke and not passionate enough to get the freckle tattoos.

But then I heard about a product called “Freck”. "Freck" is a product designed specifically to create a natural, freckled appearance with a super easy application.

Not gonna lie, I was skeptical. But I saw the gorgeous end result on YouTuber Alissa Ashley and I knew I had to try it on myself.

So I bought the product online (it retails for about 22.00 bucks with three dollar shipping and handling.) It came quickly in three business days which was nice.

The actual product is SUPER small. It’s honestly one of the tiniest packages I’ve ever seen. According the directions attached, there are four steps to the perfect freckles.

The application was actually super easy! I was really happy with the results. Freck’s faux freckles are very soft and natural looking. I felt so sunkissed and adorable.

The formula didn’t fade much throughout the entire day, but it is not waterproof. Which was great when it came to washing my makeup off. Not so great when the rain came down.

Half of my freckles were gone. So if there’s rain in the forecast, it’s probably best to leave the freckles at home.  

I asked a few of my friends if the freckles looked natural and most agreed.

And trust me, I get that plenty of people were teased for their freckles growing up and are up in arms that it’s now become a trend. And I’m sure if big foreheads, beak noses or dark gums became the latest “lewk”,I’d be probably pretty pressed too.

But for the time being, let us learn to embrace the freckle, both faux and natural!