VCU's Intercultural Festival 2015

VCU's tenth annual Intercultural Festival happened last Saturday in Monroe Park. The day, which usually takes place during the second weekend of April, coincided with VCU’s Preview Day for accepted freshmen. A gorgeous spring day in Monroe Park filled with students, faculty, community members and all sorts of activities makes for a fabulous time!

The Intercultural Festival is a day for the VCU community to celebrate the diversity that our school so proudly boasts. Hosted and organized entirely by students, the ICF showcased different cultural celebrations, dances, music, food, games and animals for the whole campus to enjoy.

I've been to the ICF every single year since I was a wittle high school senior on my Preview Day. Seeing VCU on this day really sealed the deal for me. With a gorgeous and culturally competent student body and cute baby animals to pet, how could I refuse?

$5 food vouchers were handed out to the first 500 students present. This ensured that students had the opportunity to treat their taste buds to cuisines coated in culture and roam the park with a tummy filled with goodness! I personally used my voucher to get a lamb gyro and it was perfection. My favorite part of the festival is always the animals. I love playing with animals so much.

There are tons of fun activities at the festival, like a bounce house, face painting, caricatures, a miniature animal petting zoo, dancing, musical performances, comedy acts, a band, etc. You can always expect to see culturally-centered clubs perform at the festival and have the opportunity to glimpse a bit of the traditions that are involved in those cultures. The customary wear is truly something beautiful and it’s wonderful to be a part of an intercultural experience. It really is a day of fun and one of VCU’s most beloved traditions. So make sure you don’t miss it next year! It gets better every year!

ICF also hosts different culturally themed fall and spring bashes in the Commonwealth Ballrooms each year! Stay up to date on all their events here!