VCU Leadership Council for the College of Humanities and Sciences

ATTENTION: VCU College of Humanities and Sciences Collegiettes

There’s a new leadership council on campus and it’s here to help YOU! 

The Leadership Council for the College of Humanities and Sciences

CHS is the largest college in the school, but it’s lacking the strong sense of unity that other schools in the university have. More than 60 percent of VCU students are in the College of Humanities and Sciences. The council's job is to learn how to create more intimate connections between students of a variety of disciplines in such a large college. Its purpose is to have sense of unity in the largest college in the school by promoting interdisciplinary activities and projects. It is an initiative started by Dean Coleman to have better connection between him and the lovely students of CHS.

It’s Purpose:

  • Build unity in CHS between students and departments
  • Promote interdisciplinary exchange
  • Promote academic excellence
  • Serve as a voice for students in communicating with departments
  • Increase CHS sense of identity

The current duties of the council representatives are to reach out to their respective department faculty and gather their feedback to understand what events and initiatives faculty would like the council to carry out to promote college wide unity and fellowship, while simultaneously brainstorming future events and projects 

LCCHS wants feedback from YOU lovely collegiettes!

  • How The College of Humanities and Sciences can be improved
  • How to promote more unity in the college
  • If any collegiettes have any special skills or services that can be shared with the council to fulfill the purpose, please help the council!
  • Collegiettes from the Departments of Chemistry, Statistical Sciences, LSEE, History, Political Science, Sociology and G-SEX who are interested in giving feedback, or being a part of the Council Please email [email protected]

Stay familiar with the majors within the college and what's going on in the College of Humanities and Sciences by checking out the website here!