The Ultimate Gift Guide

Some people are just a struggle to buy for. That uncle you see twice a year who lives in Vermont? His gifts from your family are socks and assorted nuts every. Single. Year. And what about your cousin who's a female, so you just safely assume that wants the same things that you do, but in actuality she loves anime and is allergic to chocolate and wool, so you must throw out the sweater and Godiva truffles. Even people extremely close to you, like your brother, mother or SO can be super hard to buy for. Odds are if they aren't narcissistic, they won't let you know of anything they want from you. Below is a separated list of gifts for everyone in your life that no one can turn down.

1- Your mother.

You want to thank her for all her love and care packages and hard work, but how? Does she want groceries or something? A Mrs. Meyer's spray? Nope. Buy her a Diptyque Fiery Orange Dragon Scented Candle. The art on the outside is based upon the mythological story that Athena grabbed a dragon by the tail and threw it far away. A total bad*ss. And it will make your home smell of blood orange, cloves and a smoky forest for the holidays.

And while you're shopping at Nordstrom, pick her up a pair of sparkling earrings for her next holiday get together. Kate Spade's mini small square stud earrings are easy to wear, match most everything in your closet and make you stand out in a crowd.

Next, treat her to an affordable espresso maker. The Moka Pot has been the choice for generations to enjoy espresso made on the stove. They are extremely popular in European countries such as Italy, so treat your mom to an Italian espresso without having to buy her a plane ticket.

2- Your brother.

Boys are a doozy to buy for, but as long as you know their favorite TV show, musical artist and t-shirt size, you should be good to go. Rick and Morty seems to be a favorite show among teenaged boys nowadays, so get your bro a Rick and Morty glasses set. Now he can enjoy his soft drinks while staring into Rick's rather terrifying old man eyes.

Everybody loves fun socks. Even if your brother's not a style icon, he'll still appreciate a silly pair of socks or a sock with a cool pattern. And Men's 12 Days of Socks will keep him interested in changing his socks, so no smelly feet around the house.

Finally, try getting your brother a lil something for his dorm or room. A Groovy Bubble Bluetooth Speaker Lamp gives him the appeal of a true vintage lava lamp with the technologically capabilities of today- no wired or connections required.

3- Your SO

You'd think they would be the easiest to buy for cause you're the closest to them buuuuuuuut you're wrong. Then there comes the phases of questioning what you got them 600 times cause there is so much pressure. It just has to be perfect. Romantic gifts are never a bad choice, like the Love Neon Sign Table Lamp at Urban Outfitters. Not only is it aesthetic AF, your SO can turn it on whenever they want to think about you and your sweetness.

The company Knock Knock is famous for its quirky fill-in-the-blank books that are about as personalized as a gift can get. The company's What I Love About You and Me book will leave your lover with a constant reminder of how much you care about them.

Lastly, log onto Etsy and pick them up a personalized bracelet. This bracelet can be personalized with words, numbers or symbols and examples that the company provides are the date of the anniversary you and your S.O. met or your geographical coordinates if you guys are doing it long distance.

Hopefully some of the holiday stress is now off of your shoulders! Time to relax and soak in the bath for about three days. Au revoir!

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