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Tory Lanez to Perform at VCU Homecoming Concert

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at VCU chapter.

The Activities Programming Board (APB) at VCU made an announcement in September that rapper Tory Lanez will be accompanied with Shy Glizzy and 24hrs for this year’s RamFest during Homecoming week.

Every year VCU’s APB schedules an artist to perform for VCU students. Last year the club featured rapper Travis Scott to perform at the Altria Theater.

Even though the homecoming concerts are fairly popular every year, some people do not plan to attend because of the lack of interest for the concert and the price.

Assistant director of concerts for APB, Eric Dong, said that this is one of the most exciting events all year and that they always get a great turnout.

“Everyone was surprised we chose Tory Lanez as our headliner and Shy Glizzy and 24hrs as our openers,” Dong said.

Students waited outside the Altria Theater for hours waiting to get a ticket for last year’s headliner Travis Scorr, and they quickly sold out. Tory Lanez hasn’t gotten the same attention as Scott compared to last year.

VCU sophomore and public relations major, Hannah Lee, said that Lanez hasn’t released any new music lately, therefore she doesn’t feel excited enough to buy a ticket. 

“I will most likely not attend the concert because I’m not a huge fan of Tory Lanez,” Lee said. 

Caroleena McNeil, a sophomore and nursing student at VCU, said that last year’s RamFest with Travis Scott was her first real concert. 

“It was such an exciting experience but I’m not as excited as last year,” McNeil said. “I like the artists that are performing, but I’m not crazy about them. Also, I’m not trying to spend any money on concerts at the moment.”

Rappers Tory Lanez, Shy Glizzy and 24hrs are scheduled to perform at the Richmond Coliseum on Nov. 9 at 7 p.m.

Tickets are available for general admission on Ticketmaster.com from Oct. 9 to Nov. 9. VCU students have to show their VCU student ID in order to buy up to two $25 tickets, whereas the public has to pay $30. 

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