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Top Five Documentaries About Pop Artists

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Often times the lives of rich and famous pop stars seem elusive. Those of us without millions of adoring fans are curious about everything from musicians' daily routines to their love lives to their creative process. Here are the top five documentaries (in my opinion) that lead us into the lives of the stars we love.


Lady Gaga's 2017 film explores the creative process behind her album Joanne. The album was a turning point in Gaga's career, as the album explored a more vulnerable and sensitive side of the star. "Gaga: Five Foot Two" shows the singer in her most natural state: that of making music and exploring her own creativity, with scenes showing fans her recording process and her inspiration behind songs on the album.

In addition, the film also delves into the singer's personal life, as it shows Gaga using her music to cope with the early death of her aunt whom the album was named after, Joanne, and how Joanne's death impacted both the singer's early years and her present life.


"Blackpink: Light Up The Sky" is a lovely look into the world of the Korean pop industry, as it vastly varies from that of the American music industry, and follows K-pop group "Blackpink" from their very first single as a group to becoming one of the most well known K-pop groups in the world.

The film also highlights the differing backgrounds of the girl band's members, as the group hails from many different countries including New Zealand, Australia, Thailand and South Korea. In addition, the movie details the group's ascent to fame in America and their performance at the famed music festival Coachella.


Billie Eilish's 2021 film gives an intimate look into the life of the pop star as it takes viewers from the beginning of her career as a budding star to her current life as one of the most well-known musicians of our generation. The movie is revealing to say the least, as it documents the ups and downs of her relationship as well as details her mental health struggles.

The documentary also highlights the presence of Billie's family in her life, as much of the film takes place in her childhood home, the place where she began her journey with music. "The World's A Little Blurry" also shows the impact of stardom on Gen Z, as Billie grapples with the effects of social media on both her mental health and her fame.


Coming in second place, Beyonce's "Homecoming" is a true testament to the singer's work ethic and performance abilities. The documentary details her process of putting together her iconic 2018 Coachella performance and shines a spotlight on not only Beyonce's artistry and creative vision but also her role as a mother, wife and role model within the Black community.

"Homecoming" also serves as a concert film as the movie documents both nights of her performances at the music festival. Viewers can relive one of her greatest performances in the comfort of their own homes.


Taking first place, "Miss Americana" is a raw and honest look into the life of Taylor Swift, as a 2019 Taylor details her highs and lows both in her career and personal life. In addition, the documentary explores Swift's relationship with politics and her journey of using her voice and platform toward social justice and political issues.

The documentary takes place prior to the Lover era of Taylor's career and viewers can watch her writing some of her most-streamed songs like "ME!" and "Getaway Car." "Miss Americana" also explores Swift's vulnerability, as it delves into heavier subjects like the mistreatment of public figures as well as body image.

Zahra is a sophomore at Virginia Commonwealth University majoring in Journalism and Strategic Advertising with minors in French and Musical Theatre. She is a diehard Taylor Swift fan and likes to rewatch Legally Blonde every 3-5 business days. In her spare time, she likes to hang out with her two cats, Bonnie and Clyde, and spend an inordinate amount of time on Tiktok.
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