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Notion is one of those apps that has been popularized by TikTok, and for good reason. It’s an all-in-one-workspace that students can use to organize classes, create calendars, make to-do lists and manage and coordinate just about anything in your life. Notion’s software can also be downloaded on a computer as well, keeping everything in one place.


Quizlet is one of the top studying tools, being a staple in academic communities. Not only can you create your own study sets and flashcards, you can study other people’s sets for subjects that you’re taking. It has an option to play games, do practice study tests or a great “Learn” feature that makes it so you can study smarter, not harder.


If you’re a college student, you need to always take advantage of the “student discount.” Unidays will give you coupons, free trials and discounts from a wide range of stores including Levi’s, Tillys, Hulu, ASOS and more.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is another great app for students to organize a busy schedule. Use it to keep track of classes, when to workout, study sessions and more. 


Daylio is a type of journal that you can use without even having to write entries. You can use it to create and track specific habits, track your daily moods and set goals. Daylio is good to use when you want to take time to reflect on the day, write about what happened or simply be more mindful of what you do on a day-to-day basis.

Kaylah Young is a senior at VCU. She is majoring in Mass Communications with a concentration in journalism, and a minor in political science. Kaylah has a passion for writing, reading books, and working out at the gym.