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Tools for Surviving Spring

Spring break is finally upon us here at VCU. Naturally, collegiettes are trying to make the most of this week. Whether you are exploring a new place or keeping it low key, Her Campus has a few suggestions of what you’ll need to survive the week.   

A good start to any morning begins with a hot shower. To get the salon quality hair, you’ll want use TRESemmé Expert Selection Beauty-Full pre-wash conditioner and shampoo. Your hair will thank you and your friends will want to know your secret to full, beautiful and bouncy hair.

As you get ready to go out for the day, don’t forget your Vera Bradley wallet. Whether you’re planning on spending the day shopping or just being out and about for the day, this wallet will cater to all your needs. You can fit cards, cash, and your ID inside the wallet, all while still being able to fit it in any purse you have. If it’s you’re just running a quick errand, you can skip the purse and just carry the wallet in your pocket; it will protect your belongings just as well without being a hassle to carry around.

The time off from school gives you a lot of time to actually make your meals this week, but if you want an easy day and decide to grab lunch with your friends then go right ahead and treat yourself. Before you eat don’t forget to use some of your CEA Study Abroad hand sanitizer.

If your friend forgot her wallet at home and asks if you can foot the bill, don’t fret because you were supposed to only have to pay for one meal. Just ask her to transfer you money on her Circle Pay account, then you won’t have to worry about the hassle of asking her to pay you back later.


As the week turns into the weekend and you realize that you may want to go out on Friday night, don’t forget to grab your Brappz! Bra straps during the day and a stylish bracelet at night, they’re perfect for going from day to night in a breeze.

Before you head out, make sure to put on some makeup. With the help of Milani Cosmetics your choices won’t be slim, and you’ll put everyone else to shame.

If you wake up in the morning and you can’t help yourself from going to the bathroom every five minutes make sure to take an AZO UTI gummy. Your constant need to pee may not be from all the alcohol you drank the night before. AZO products will help calm the urge, but in the meantime you may want to make a doctors appointment and always remember to wipe front to back.

Thank you to Her Campus and all our sponsors for the tools to help us make the best of our spring break. Enjoy collegiettes!

Maddy is a junior in Fashion Merchandising at Virginia Commonwealth University. She loves cooking (when she's in the mood), styling outfits, traveling and discovering new places. She believes home is about the people you're with and not the place you live. She's driven, creative, a romantic at heart and competitive, so don't challenge her because she always wins.
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