Three Celebs that Blossomed After their Break-ups

Break-ups can be difficult. They affect people in various ways. Some women go into a mild state of depression. Others may experience anxiety, weight loss or weight gain. However, one thing is for sure. Leaving a toxic relationship will do nothing but benefit you in the long-run. Look at what it did for these three newly single celebs.

1. Kourtney Kardashian

America knew that Scott Disick wasn’t the one for Kourtney before she could even figure it out herself. We all saw the way he acted. He seemed pretty cool at first, but then he spiraled out of control. How many arguments was it going to take before Kourtney realized that she deserved better? After almost 10 years of dealing with her oldest son, (Scott), Kourtney had finally decided that she had had enough. The moment she left him, she got her glow back. It's apparent that she’s a happier, more optimistic Kourtney that is no longer living in the dark shadows of her four sisters. We see you now, girl. Keep doing your thing.

2. Ciara

Ciara and Future were everyone’s “#RelationshipGoals” at one point. Future’s hit single, “Trophy,” was written about who we thought was the love of his life. It wasn’t until Ciara came out with her “heartbroken ex-girlfriend anthem,” “I Bet,” that we knew the jig was up. However, ending this relationship did nothing but great things for our girl. Shortly after the break-up, Ciara met Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks star quarterback, a much better fit for her. Future and Drake’s last mixtape together features several songs from the heartbroken rapper. I guess Ciara was right when she said, “I bet you start loving me soon as you see me with someone else.” Tea, anyone?

3. Karrueche Tran

We didn’t know anything about Karrueche until Chris Brown came into her life. Yes, it’s tragic, but we love her, now! We knew Chris was problematic ever since his relationship with Rihanna. Why anyone would want to be with him after that, I’m not sure, but maybe he was a changed man. Who knows? All we know is that once Royalty, Chris Brown’s adorable daughter, came into the picture, Karrueche cut herself right out of it! Her Tweet the day Royalty was discovered was something to the effect of “No baby mama drama for me.” We can all agree that we, too, would have been a bit taken back by this situation. However, Karrueche Tran is back on the market and she’s looking better than ever!

​Let this be a word of advice. Ladies, your current situation is not your final destination. If that boy can’t appreciate you, then wait it out and you’ll meet someone that will. Don’t be afraid to end a bad relationship just because you’re afraid of the consequences. Don’t stay with someone you think is the one. When you find him, you’ll know.