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What is Halloween without a good movie or even a month-long bingeable series? There is something for every viewer this season. If you are an easily grossed-out viewer, and thrillers are not your thing, there is horror. If that spooks you too much, there are Halloween-themed comedy parodies. If even that does not appeal due to its more adult content, there are a few family-friendly options. And if even that does not appeal, then I guess Halloween is not for you! Maybe Christmas is more your speed?


I think this one is very underrated for what it is. Obviously, this one will be both a little gory and suspenseful with a few jumpscares. This one has to be up in my top three. I would highly recommend at least not watching this one while home alone in a big and empty house.

There is a woman that lives in a cabin in the middle of nowhere (definitely not a major cliche). But here is the twist: she can not hear or speak.

The movie introduces itself and then immediately transitions into the action. The suspense is constant during this movie. There is always something to catch your attention. Always a twist here and there. There is a bit of gore that just makes sense for this movie. Movies with excess gore for shock effect are automatically bad.

The Silence of the lambs
(rated r)

A classic for so many reasons. I watched this movie every week last October. It is based right here in Virginia. For those with sensitive stomachs, this movie is most definitely eerie and gory. It really hits the mark on uncomfortable moments without gore that just makes the viewer feel ill. The acting in this movie is beyond captivating. The fear behind their eyes is convincing without being excessive.

A woman that is top of her class at the FBI academy is sent to interview the famous killer, Hannibal Lecter. His being a serial killer and psychiatrist serving behind maximum security is the perfect solution to get a lead on finding a serial killer.

The balance in this movie is what makes it. There is gore but in an almost elegant way. There is suspense. While not constant, the most suspenseful moments are also the most intense moments. The acting is to die for. You just want to look away but can’t take your eyes off. The viewer leaves with a bit of an eerie feeling. Watch this with a friend and a strong stomach!


Anyone with the smallest interest in horror has seen if not this show, then at least this season. I rewatch it a few times a year, but always during the week leading to Halloween. While most of the seasons of American Horror Story are amazing, this one truly takes the entire cake.

Violet is a troubled teenager with even more troubled parents moving into a suspiciously cheap old house. The house is huge and in Los Angeles. Violet accidentally leads her family into the captured souls of the house.

This series is the most intense on this list. There are too many triggers to list. I would not recommend for someone easily spooked, with a sensitive stomach, viewers younger than teenagers, or to viewers sensitive to sexual assault.

This one is the most chilling. Even compared to “Hush” and “Silence of the Lambs.” The different storylines fit and flow throughout the season. There is always some sort of a shocker. It is tragedy after tragedy without the cheesy need for shock value.

Scary movie 1
(rated r)

While this is not currently available on Netflix, it is just that good. It is all your favorite classic horror movies in the form of a crude comedy.

The movie follows a group of teenagers constantly getting into situations that would be present in horror movies. In between these cliche situations, there are also very obvious references to classic horror movies. But this time, it is a very crude comedy.

For those that are sensitive to horror, this is a wonderful alternative. I would not recommend children or awkward teenagers watching with their parents. The humor rates up there on the crude scale. It is, however, a refreshing perspective for horror fans to see their favorites in comedic form.

(rated pg)

If you are above the age of 10 and have not watched this, what are you doing? Unfortunately, it is not currently available on Netflix. This is a staple for a kid-friendly horror movie. This is what was on during the Halloween-themed sleepover. I still watch this during October.

Coraline moves into a new house with her negligent parents. Being a bored young girl with parents that resemble the color beige in a new house, she decides to explore. Her neighbors are both eccentric but end up being helpful in her findings in the other world. She encounters an ancient entity disguised as her mom in a world easily accessible from a little door in her room. The entity has created a dream world to trap her by giving her all the love and affection she has ever wanted. Her end goal is to steal her soul and keep her forever. She has been successful for centuries before. But Coraline presents a challenge. She makes a deal to save herself and the other lost children’s souls or be trapped forever.

There is no gore or overall explicit content, so this is a wonderful watch for the family. It is a little on the suspenseful side and at times even scary with the imagery depending on the viewer. I would recommend it for older elementary school children. It is interesting enough for even parents and teenagers to enjoy. This movie is almost flawless. The attention to detail is enough cause to have to rewatch a few times. There are even several conspiracy videos on this mysterious kid’s movie.

This Halloween season, there is something for everyone. To no surprise, each movie has a little bit of spook to it. Popcorn is recommended for those with a stronger stomach. Grab a blanket and maybe a friend for the most bone-chilling ones.

Salma is a freshman at VCU. She is currently undecided, but considering majoring in journalism. She loves iced coffee and a comforting gilmore girls marathon.
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