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If you attend Virginia Commonwealth University, then you are fully aware that it is a magnificent place; and if you have never been to VCU, then you haven’t lived yet! VCU has so much to offer to its students. Besides being a Ram, there is so much to be thankful for.


Whether you’re walking across campus or sitting in the commons, you’re bound to see so many unique faces. VCU is filled with diverse students and it’s always great to meet people that are so much different than you.


VCU has one of the best art schools around!

“The art school at VCU has made me realize my own potential and growth,” said sophomore Aaron Brown.

So many great opportunities come with being a part of the art school and you connect with others that share your same interests and passions.

School Spirit

From the sporting events to fun activities at the Commons Plaza and the Compass, VCU has so much school spirit.

“I’m thankful for VCU because it exposed me to so many different types of lifestyles and people and it’s amazing to see everyone come together as one student body,” said sophomore Ashleigh Banks.

Black and gold flood the streets of Richmond on a daily basis and especially on game day when students are on their way to the game decked out in school colors.

City Life

VCU is surrounded by a great city. With places like Carytown, which has so many shops and diners, or even Broad Street, the city of Richmond has so much to offer. Whenever you are bored with the familiar campus, you can branch out with a few friends and always find something new to enjoy. 

I am a sophomore here at Virginia Commonwealth University, majoring in Mass Communications with a concentration in Broadcasting Journalism.
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