Taylor Mauceri

Name: Taylor Mauceri

How old are you? 19.

When’s your birthday? March 24th 1997.

What’s your major? I’m a cinema major.


Where are you from? I am from Reston, Virginia, which is in NOVA, but there we don’t refer to the area as NOVA because NOVA is the name of our community college.

Why did you choose VCU? Yo okay, so interesting story about that. They didn’t accept me until March 29th, so I told everyone that I was accepted to George Mason, so I got accepted to everywhere except VCU, so VCU rose up like a month before the deadline and was like “I’ll give you a partial scholarship!” So I came here on preview and I really liked it here and the program in general, I liked how small it was. I felt special and they gave me money. And the cinema program is really really nice.

What’s your favorite thing about VCU? I really like how it’s still a campus but you can leave the campus fairly easy. At traditional campus that’s all there is, and if there’s nothing to do you’re stuck there, but here if you cross Belvedere and you’re in the city and go downtown. And it’s still close-knit. When I looked at Emerson, they had to buy buildings as they became available, so the campus was really stretched. Also, cinema is a three year program. The campus is still like a campus, where we have common areas to go to.

What is your favorite memory? I don’t have one. One of my favorite memories just because I actually remember it make me really like it. When I was one I had my hands on these white bars and I was looking through them and I was watching my mom and my grandfather put together a baby crib, and my mom was pregnant. I wasn’t talking yet, so I didn’t think in words but I can remember the emotions I felt. I remember feeling excited and happy. I also liked the time my boyfriend asked me to prom, that was nice. I was like yo, someone of the opposite gender likes me? Cool I got someone to like me, my friend congratulated me.

Where’s your favorite place to eat? Panda Express.

What’s your favorite TV show? Firefly and Adventure Time, but I don’t watch TV that much anymore.

What’s your favorite movie? Shawshank Redemption. I have a poster of it and it’s in my dorm now. I remember my dad when I was younger, he was showing me a trailer, and there were like 12 bullets meaning he fired it until it was empty and then it reloaded and I was like, “damn” and in Shawshank they said that the revolver that was used could only hold like 6 rounds, so there’s no way for him to do that, so he reloaded and shot them again.

Who is your favorite Disney Princess? You know, I like Mulan because she dresses like a boy and she made a guy get a huge crush on her while she was a boy, and she’s just like all around, she evolved, she had that montage, it was great.

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be? Actually I live in the past, so I don’t know. Disney World!

Have you ever met a celebrity? No, but one time when I was on the orchestra trip in New York I’m pretty sure I looked up and saw Michael Cera and I saw one of the Home Alone kids brothers from Scott Pilgrim vs. the world and I tried to tell people but nobody knew who Michael Cera was. And when I told my older brother when I got back he said I probably didn’t see them.

What’s a fun fact about you? There is nothing fun about me. I played upright bass for 8 years in orchestra and I play an electric bass guitar in my dorm. One I play better than the other. Hint: it’s classical.

What’s your biggest accomplishment (so far)? You know, just being alive at this point. I don’t know, what have I accomplished? I got that battery really fast yesterday for the monitor for the cinema shoot I did.

What’s your dream job? I wanna be a director, because during production there’s less people yelling at them. I also wanna tell my story and have my vision on the screen, and have control over that, not like total control because that’s not good usually, but like most control. I wanna be creative.