Tattoo Tuesday: Elsbeth McCormick

Name: Elsbeth McCormick

Year: Junior

Major: Psychology

Tattoo: A Stag with Accorns

VCU is filled with Tatted Beauties and Elsbeth McCormick happens to be one of them!

Girls with tats aren't hard to find on campus, but how many girls do you know with a buck on their arm? Elsbeth is the first I encountered and I wanted to know about it!

What prompted you to get this tat?

I went on a trip to the Midwest last summer and really wanted to get a piece. I ended up in Salt Lake City, Utah and thats where the magic happened!

Who's the artist?

The artist is Adam Gibson at Cathedral Tattoo Company

Thanks for sharing your body art with us Elsbeth!! <3 xoxo