Swimwear Designers You Should Know

Summer is fast approaching which means so are pool days and beach trips, both of which require swimsuits. I don’t know about you but aside from t-shirt dresses, swimsuits become basically my entire summer wardrobe. I always had a hard time finding bikinis that fit me properly while looking cute pretty much up until this year because I didn’t know where to look. Thankfully, my hours of self-isolation have me holed up finding the most flattering and cute swimsuit brands for your hopeful summer outings.

  1. 1. White Fox Boutique Swim

    This one’s a basic go-to. White Fox Boutique is known for its apparel (which I highly suggest looking at), but recently, they’ve branched out into swimwear, and let me tell you, it was the right decision. They solve the classic dilemma of “I love this style but not the color” and vice versa by having almost every single one of their swimsuits (both bikinis and one-pieces) in multiple colors of each style. WF Swim is the place to go if you’re looking for basic, quality suits that fit you just right. 

  2. 2. Frankie's Bikinis

    If you want more unique swimsuits with a little more of an edge, check out Frankie’s Bikinis on Insta. Frankie’s Bikinis have the suits your beach daydreams are filled with. They love their prints, so if tie-dye, eyelet or crochets are more your speed, you will love this brand. It’s on the more expensive side (for a college girl) but the quality and fit is absolutely unmatched. If prints aren’t your favorite, this brand has plenty of solid bikinis in a million different styles ranging from high waisted to tie back tops. Frankie’s Bikinis has something for every girl looking to strut her stuff on the beach this summer. 

  3. 3. OhPolly Swim

    Quality swimsuits can be really hard to find at a decent price. Factor in the style of a bikini, and the price tag suddenly becomes way out of my budget, but OhPolly Swim doesn’t compromise any of their quality, fit or style for a price tag. If you’re balling on a budget (definitely me) but need a couple of new, cute suits for your upcoming beach trip, you need to be shopping at OhPolly Swim. Their bikinis range from uniquely cut to the basics, so you know you have options. The best part is that the brand is always coming out with new pieces, so your summer wardrobe will never get boring. 

  4. 4. Khassani Swimwear

    Last but most definitely not least, Khassani Swimwear. This French-based brand is probably my favorite for basic style suits. Khassani has fewer styles than the other three brands mentioned, and they have limited drops, but honestly, that just adds even more to the brand. Their go-to styles are triangle, bralette or halter style tops with so many prints and colors to match. The quality of the suits are just as cute as the minimalist vibe that comes with them. If you’re loving this brand, stay up to date on their drops, so you don’t miss any of their cute, new bikinis. 

Another wardrobe article down and I think I’m ready to go shopping. Check out all of these amazing brands through their Instagrams linked above and get ready to go to the beach in your cutest finds yet.