Sweet Potato Casserole is The Best Thanksgiving Food

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I feel like it’s appropriate to start up the age-old debate of which Thanksgiving Day food is the best. It’s not that hard of a question to answer, really. The true answer is sweet potato casserole. I’m not going to take any criticisms on this; it’s simply correct. Any other choice is just wrong, sadly, and there are many reasons why. 

Now, most people tend to go for the starch options when choosing their favorite Thanksgiving foods, and I can’t blame them! I’m doing the same. Mashed potatoes and stuffing are alright. I don’t have many complaints against them—they get the job done in the simplest way possible. Baked macaroni and cheese is also a strong competitor for the win, but it loses out just because of how it tends to be a year-round food, instead of a Thanksgiving food in particular. 

The thing that separates sweet potato casserole from the other starches, however, is the fact that it’s a sweet dish, while the others are savory. This, initially, doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, but considering the fact that Thanksgiving is the holiday that celebrates savory, rich dishes, I believe that it makes a big difference. Sometimes it’s just nice to have something that’s sweet and not salty and fatty like the others are. It sets the sweet potato casserole apart from the others!

The only other dessert that is really known to be Thanksgiving-centric is pumpkin pie, and frankly, pumpkin pie just can’t compare. I’m sorry. I know there are a lot of pumpkin pie fans out there, but it’s just too thick and gritty for me to enjoy, personally. It’s also just too plain and lacks the versatility that is inherent to sweet potato casserole. There is honestly no wrong way to create a sweet potato casserole. I know people who throw marshmallows on top, people who put various nuts and brown sugar mixes on top and even people who choose to caramelize their casseroles! The pure variety is what puts it above the competition as the best Thanksgiving dessert.  Sweet Potato With Pecans Shun Matsuhashi / Spoon I know that there are some people who enjoy the main meat dishes, like turkey and ham, and I’m going to have to disagree already. I have no idea whether it’s my family’s way of cooking or the preparation methods used for the turkey I’ve eaten, but it is just a dry, miserable bird. I cannot emphasize how bad Thanksgiving turkey is. Ham is on thin ice. It would be alright if not for the almost criminal rubs that are forced upon the poor, unsuspecting dish. I mean, really, who is putting a pineapple-brown sugar rub on a ham? That just seems like a crime to me. The number of times I’ve had to force my face to not scrunch up while eating sugar-ham on Thanksgiving is embarrassing. It’s just not for me! If anyone’s a fan, though, good for you, I can respect it. 

Another issue that crops up during Thanksgiving is the fact that, while it can be an extremely vegetarian-friendly holiday, a lot of the main dishes are meat-based. But do you know what isn’t meat-based and can also be made without using any animal products in general? That’s right; it’s sweet potato casserole! A lot of desserts, in general, tend to lose their punch when turned into a vegetarian dish, but sweet potato casserole still reigns supreme due to being plant-based in the first place! 

I’m going to kindly ignore all the other plant-based sides that are frequently included in Thanksgiving Day meals, as comparing sweet potato casserole to green beans, brussels sprouts and collard greens just seems almost cruel. Everyone already knows the true winner; it’s not even a contest. 

There it is! Just a small portion of the reasons why sweet potato casserole is the superior Thanksgiving dish. There are probably many more, but a small sampling of them is enough to suffice. Hopefully, this year, everyone is able to enjoy their own favorite dishes without exposing themselves to the pandemic currently ravaging the nation, but that’s yet to be seen! Stay safe this year, and take comfort in the fact that sweet potato casserole is the undisputed champion of Thanksgiving.