Summer Lookbook: Tattoo Edition

Everyone loves a simple, minimalistic tattoo and 2018 has proved itself as the year of small tattoos. Multitudes of celebrities have covered themselves in hundreds of tiny tattoos such as Harry Styles, Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber and even Rihanna. The hottest summer tattoos are definitely crafted for the millennials with themes of positively and exploration. Let's just jump in!

1. Cacti

These are all the rage as they show a rustic, Urban Outfitters vibe very easily. Most customers like to get these hand poked as they don’t take long and the process matches the aesthetic. Not only are these adorable, but they can hold a lot of meaning to owners. Cacti don’t need much to survive, but they do nonetheless.

2. Wanderlust

Traveling has always been a huge theme with tattoos, but this summer the influx of travel tattoos will be obvious. With many college students unable to pay for an extravagant trip, they just remind themselves to travel when they graduate by getting a cute tattoo.

3. Hands

This is definitely one I am interested in. Tattoo enthusiasts have been getting tattoos of a woman's hand doing any particular task such as holding a flower, putting out a cigarette or holding a fork. This fad has already blown up on Instagram and has been seen in Lucky 13 Flash sheets.

4. Suns

Who wouldn’t love a tiny sun on their body forever? This is also a very popular stick and poke tattoo with college girls all over placing them on their collar bones and wrist. The simplicity and aesthetic of it make this tattoo very worth the pain and money.

5. Palm Trees

Ah yes, the famous 90s tattoo is making its great comeback! I have seen these tattoos everywhere on a sunny day. The geometry of the tree makes it easy to be tattooed just about anywhere. They are simply and stand out. If you live in a sunny state that features palm trees, this could just be your next tattoo!

6. Mandalas

Back pieces are hard to pick out because they can become tacky really easily. However, you can’t go wrong with a mandala. Having henna dyed into the skin has been around for centuries, so many who practice the tradition of henna are getting designs permanently in their skin, namely on the back and wrist. They are so intricate and you will never have the same exact tattoo as anyone else, so why not go for it?!

7. Constellations

Whether you tattoo your zodiac sign constellation, your birthday constellation or some other event, these are the perfect way to have a memory represented in the most simple way. It is also not very obvious so if someone asks what it means, you don’t have to share the date. The classiness, slimness and overall aesthetic make this a must have tattoo.

8. Small Typography

Typography has been popular since tattoos began, but 2018 seems to be pushing on just how small a font can get while still being able to read it. Most people get very meaningful quotes that they tattoo for just them and not the look, and therefore want it super small. Some people do get these tattoos simply for the aesthetic.

Best of luck if you plan on getting any of these tattoos this summer!