Stan Lee: The Superhero Everyone Needed

When Stan Lee passed away on November 12, 2018, I never thought it would have actually happened. I've watched Marvel movies ever since 2002 when the first iteration of the triology Spider Man first came out. Stan Lee's super heros were relateable, humerous, and were firm in what they believed was best for the people they had to protect. He turned what people though was 'weird' into something that could save lives. 

                                                                                              Photo Credit: Marvel Logo Marvel Studios

Writing was something Stan Lee knew he would do at a young age. Born on December 28, 1922 in Manhattan, New York, Stan Lee grew up working multiple jobs that would help his writing his career. He wrote obituaries for the news service at the time and types out press releases for the National Turberculosis Center. His writing began to take notice when he won the New York Herald Tribune essay competition at age 15. It was at this moment that Lee began to pursue writing professionally. 

The development of Marvel started when he began working as an assistant for Timely Comics in 1939. Although he started off as just a boy who took lunch orders and refilled ink wells, he quickly moved his way to writing his first comic, Captain America. At the age of 19, Lee was promotoed to interim editor, however, was soon enlisted in the army soon after. It was in the army that Stan Lee about play write while creating for 'Training Film Division' where he would have to cartoon and create slogans. After serving for the army, Lee was promoted to publisher of Timely Comics where the Marvel universe was born. 

                                                                                               Photo Credit: U.S. Army photo of Stan Lee

Captain America, The Amazing Spider-Man, Black Panther, Fantastic Four, were all written as forms of commentary on real world events at the time. Lee incorporated topics dealing with racism, intolerance, and prejudice. His ability to voice his thoughts and also let his fans respond through the comic books are what started the fan base that still remains strong present day. 

Stan Lee passed away a superhero and will be remembered as someone who created escapes for the ones who feel isolated isolated, the ones always refered to as 'little guys', and the ones who are ignored. His legacy will forever live on.