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Spring Into Summer: Ways to Upgrade Your Summer Wardrobe

As many of us are stuck at home for the next few months, online shopping (or window shopping) will definitely become a staple for things to do. By the time we are going to be able to start adventuring again, it will be my favorite season: summer! Summer means minimal clothing and lots of swimsuits, but minimal doesn’t mean basic. Here are some ways to upgrade your outfits in the coming few months. 

Unique Tops

As simple as it may seem, if you don’t want to wear a basic top, don’t! The easiest way to spice up an outfit is with one unique piece that pulls everything together and tops are the best way to do that. They won’t be too uncomfortable, like wearing jeans you aren’t used to, or too flashy, like wearing shoes that don’t match the occasion. They don’t even have to be expensive. And the best part? It’s 100% uniquely your style, which means it won’t be anywhere near basic. These tops don’t have to be expensive either. Just check out retailers like PrettyLittleThing or MissyEmpire. 

Floral Minidresses 

This idea is extremely overlooked and I have no idea why. Floral minidresses are probably the most comfortable yet flattering pieces of clothing you could own. Think about it: a-line minidresses flatter your legs without being too tight in the wrong places and even leave room for you to stuff yourself full of pasta. What’s not to love? The greatest part is how accessible these dresses are because almost every retailer sells them now or come summertime. You can pair them with literally any shoes you own from sneakers to booties to heels to dress them up or down. Look up Grey Bandit or Urban Outfitters for some cute inspo for your next floral minidress purchase. 

Baggy Jeans 

For the past few years, come summertime, I tuck away my jeans until I’ll need them again in the fall time. I thought that skinny jeans that stuck to my legs were definitely not the go-to in 95-degree weather and humidity. I was so right because imagine walking around with jeans peeled to your skin– that’s a no from me. The problem was that I loved the look of them and sometimes, for certain occasions or cooler days, I wanted an alternative. Enter the baggiest, cutest jeans ever. Think two giant holes, no fabric sticking to your legs and cute mule heels with a tank to match. You’re welcome. These types of jeans saved my life and allowed me to wear any look I want without getting too hot.

Reinvented Biker Shorts

Let’s be honest; the biker shorts trend isn’t leaving. And I am so okay with that. They are so much more comfortable than wearing any denim (let’s be real) and make a cute, sporty look without the Nike shorts we all wore in 8th grade. I know you know which one I’m talking about. At this point, biker shorts have been worn a thousand different ways, and it’s my honor to introduce you to wearing them with crop tops and absolutely owning it. I know you have those days when you feel like you want to try something a little bolder with your outfit. When you have one of those days, refer back to this post because while crop tops with biker shorts may seem a little risky if you’re going to go down some pasta (I sense a pasta theme here), the outfit is simple yet bold and who doesn’t love that? 

Monochromatic Neutral Outfits

Ah, saved the best for last. With the summer coming and most of us out of school, we will need a new, versatile outfit every day. Not that we didn’t before, but this time it’s different, you know? And when you’re in a rush, crunched for time because you booked yourself up for the day, and are in need of a cute but easy outfit, what do you do? All-white or all-black outfits are the answer. Monochromatic neutral outfits make you look all official and put together, when let’s be honest, you just own a lot of black and white (oops). Think all white tank, jeans, and sneakers or this outfit in the picture. Either way, you’ll be the most fashionable one in the room. 

As summer creeps upon us, start browsing through your closet and maybe even a website or two, to give your closet the upgrade it deserves. You’ll thank me later. 

Merry is a third-year political science & economics double major at Boston University. She is a former fashion merchandising major and hopes to work in editorial fashion, PR, or social media post-graduation while also focusing on the journalistic aspects of both her majors. She currently contributes to a number of publications while simultaneously working as an editor at Her Campus BU. Merry was also previously the managing editor of Her Campus at VCU and worked as an editorial intern for Her Campus Media. Contact her at mariamgnebiyu@gmail.com & @merry.nebiyu on Instagram.
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