Spring Lookbook: Shoes Edition

Anybody who knows me knows that I am a shoe addict. I have been collecting converse for almost a decade now and collecting Vans for 5 years. Every season brings new styles and colors of shoes. This spring, many companies have announced new lines and I’m here to break it down for you in this lookbook.

1. The One Star Pinstripe

Converse has always produced quality and stylish shoes, but this spring they announced an addition to their One Star line. The new shoes feature a pinstripe textile and are available in four different colors. They go for $85, which is only slightly more than a normal pair of Converse high tops. If you are looking for a comfortable pair of shoes to wear on those spring evenings, I suggest these fabulous shoes.


2. Made for Makers Vans

Vans has really struck gold with this new product. They have designed shoes specifically for artists who will not only be on their feet all day, but also have the potential for stains on their brand new shoes. These shoes are built with lugged insoles and suede uppers which repel liquids and dirt, so whatever you manage to get on your shoes will instantly be wiped off with ease. These cost between $75 and $85 depending on the style of shoe you want. Made for Makers comes in slip on, high top, low top and skate styles.



3. Haven Lace-Up Sperry’s

Sperry has made it into the sneaker game with their new lace up canvas shoes. The brilliant two-tone face still has that taste of Sperry we all love. Now, I know what you are thinking - Sperry’s are supposed to be boat shoes! Well hear me out. These canvas shoes have rust-free eyelets and a removable EVA footbed to make sure they still look like boat shoes. These puppies cost $75 which, compared to their normal boat shoe prices, is a steal!


4. Oceana Toms

Toms blew it out of the water with this one - literally. Toms has paired with the world's largest ocean conservation organization and made these adorable embroidered whale shoes. Both companies hope that by making these shoes, the conservation of whales will not only continue, but advance further to save our favorite ocean friends. They are also 100 percent vegan and are still part of the Toms One for One project where you buy one pair of shoes and they give one to someone in need. These shoes are $60, which is the normal price for a pair of Toms but supports two causes.5. 1460 Year of The Dog Dr. Martens

Everyone loves a good pair of Doc Martens, but this new pair is made especially for 2018. The year of Dog is symbolized by “dialogue, solidarity and overall auspiciousness” which is exactly what Doc used for inspiration when making these shoes. They feature gold stitching and a special “Year of the Dog” tag. These shoes are $145 but are well worth the money. Any Doc owner knows that these shoes last forever.


With these brand new shoes, you'll be styling in no time. So throw on those crop tops, eyeliner and walk into the room like the bad b*tch you are!