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Spring 2021 Trends to Look Out For

Following the year a pandemic took over the world, it’s fair to say we are all ready to break out of the house and reclaim the outfits we were forced to put aside in quarantine. While in 2020, we were forced to lounge around in our favorite house dress and pajama sets, fashionistas around the world are turning back to their wardrobes for a dose of confidence and a splash of fun as we continue to navigate a world plagued by COVID-19 restrictions.

As you shop for clothes to wear this summer and prepare to start venturing back into the world—social distancing and wearing your coordinated mask, of course—allow me to offer a little inspiration for your wardrobe by sharing some of the top trends for the spring and summer 2021 seasons.

Platform Shoes

As a short woman, I have always loved a tall heel with a thick sole to give a little boost to my height and my confidence—and this is the year for it. With fashion brands heavily featuring thick, chunky soles and elevated platforms, why not give this new trend a try?

Go for a bit of a throwback vibe with some chunky heels in a rich, earthy color reminiscent of the ’70s, or give a serious “year 2k” energy with the beloved flatforms reminiscent of our childhood favorites. Lizzy McGuire, anyone?

Bright Prints

Remember the psychedelic prints of the ’60s or the bright, girly colors our favorite stars wore in the early 2000s? The emergence of bright prints and colorful styles after the dominance of monochrome trends in recent years is one many expect this upcoming spring and summer. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of mixing the most vibrant prints you can find, that is totally fine! Try starting with incorporating one bright print in your wardrobe or incorporating some trendy colors like periwinkle, lavender, greens and fire reds. 

Big Hair, Don’t Care

Blowouts, afros and teasing—these are the hair trends we can expect this upcoming season!  As we step back out into society, many people are loving their hair in a new way, especially since we actually had the time to wash and take care of it properly all last year. This year, expect many styles inspired by the glamorous blowouts of the ’90s, the lush afros of the ’60s and ’70s and teased styles that remind us of glamorous cuts from the ’60s. 

Flare Pants and Loose Jeans

Beloved by many for their comfort and baggy silhouette, loosely fitting jeans are quickly replacing some of our favorite form-fitting styles. Paired with a tight tank top or an equally baggy oversized T-shirt, this style may just be one of the most comfortable transitions we are seeing in fashion right now.

However, if fitted pants are the way for you, give flare jeans a try! With their silhouette, they give almost any frame a flattering fit, emphasizing the waist, while their abrupt flare adds shape to hips and thighs. 

With it still being so early in the season, I am excited to continue to see the trends and styles that emerge as the weather warms. As we shop for now clothes and adopt our favorite trends, though, I would like us all to remember that we are beautiful no matter what we decide to wear and that the emphasis of our wardrobe should be to make us feel good, not just follow what our favorite celebs and brands say is in.

Happy shopping!

Keziah is a writer for Her Campus. She is majoring in Fashion Design with a minor in Fashion Merchandising. HCXO!
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