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As this is my last semester of college, I decided to reflect on the wildest moments of my university life. To any incoming college, I guarantee you that dorm life might be the strangest experience you may ever have. So, without further ado, here are the wildest times I had at VCU, ranked.

My Roommate Vomited Four Times in a Row

For some back story, I was on customer support for my Sims 3 game and hanging out with two of my friends. After engaging in hooligan activities, my roommate decided to eat an entire Domino’s pizza and wings. About 30 minutes later, my roommate who was sitting between my friend and me started grunting. As soon as I asked him if he was okay, he emptied an entire gallon of vomit onto the floor. By this time, we were all used to his shenanigans and kept talking. However, he decides to walk through his puke, stare at my other friend across the room, and throw up two more times. My friend was screaming because he was making constant eye contact with her while vomiting. Then, I told him to go to the bathroom, and he got halfway there, walked back to his gallons of vomit, and topped it off one last time.

Another Vomit Story

Just 4-5 drinks within 2 hours can cause life threatening AlcoholPoisoning. #FirstAid #SafetyTip #Alcohol #Poisoning #SafetyTok

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This time, all of my friends decided to drink. Afterward, they came to hang out in my dorm. However, one of my friends started falling asleep and I thought she was fine until she threw up out of her nose. After this, she continuously vomited and thought she had alcohol poisoning. So, a couple of my drunk friends decided to dance to make her feel better and another friend started having a panic attack. It was genuinely chaotic. The friend throwing up demanded that we read the bible to her to make her feel better. On the bright side, she was fine.

My Roommate had the Police Called on Him

I was walking back to my dorm after I got off of work. As soon as I was about to reach my dorm, I saw two police officers exit my room. I was genuinely confused and went looking for my roommate, who was eating Raising Canes in our other friend’s room. Apparently, someone (who we later found out was the screaming friend in the throw-up story) had told our resident assistant that he was drinking and thought he had alcohol poisoning.

Some honorable mentions I would like to include are people bullying the resident assistant into quitting by defecating in the public showers, people collecting dead animals for art projects on my dorm floor, some kids on my dorm floor holding a forum to debate my friend’s racial identity, people doing a seance in my dorm, and the time I had food poisoning. There are probably a ton more stories that I am forgetting, but I just would like to say dorm life is insane and I do not condone underage drinking. Like, seriously. Do not do it.

Kaitlyn Austin is an alumnus of Virginia Commonwealth University, with a bachelor's in political science with a concentration in civil rights. She is passionate about social justice, advocacy, and astrology.