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Six Tips To Avoid Getting Sick This Flu Season

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at VCU chapter.

With flu season officially upon us, it may be hard to know how to avoid getting sick ourselves. First off, it’s important to know the symptoms of the flu: a fever over 100 degrees, chills and sweats, dry cough, fatigue and a sore throat. If you or any of your family or friends start having symptoms like these, go to your doctor! Now, on to some tips on how to proactively avoid getting sick this flu season!

Get Your Flu Shot!

You would think that this one was self-explanatory, but you would be surprised to know how few people get their flu shot before flu season is in full gear. If you are wondering how to get your flu shot, VCU Health is offering free flu shots during walk-in immunization hours. Finally, getting your flu shot shouldn’t be a one-time thing, make sure to get your vaccine every single year!

Wash Your Hands as Much as Possible

Washing your hands as much as you can is just a good rule of thumb. Each time you shake someone’s hand, you should wash yours. But don’t just stop there, you want to lather up as much soap as you can. Running lots of water over your hands will kill any germs and send them down the drain. Hand sanitizer can also be used, but in no way is it an effective substitute for washing your hands.

Avoid Touching Your Face

Your eyes and nose are the most common places for germs to enter your body, so it’s best to just avoid touching your face during cold and flu season. This also goes for biting your nails; germs live in your nail beds and not to mention it’s a bad habit. Until you wash your hands thoroughly, avoid biting nails and touching your face.

Keep Your Distance From People Who Are Sick

This one is obvious. You want to keep a safe distance from sick friends and family, especially since we are in the midst of midterms and most of us can’t afford to get sick right now. If you do happen to interact with a person who is sick, remember to wash your hands immediately after.

Drink Lots of Water

It is very important to keep yourself hydrated, but it is especially important during flu season. Staying hydrated allows your body to circulate blood more freely, allowing for flu and cold-fighting white blood cells to fight off viruses. Drinking water will boost your immune system and let your body fight off the flu better!

Get Regular Sleep

Take advantage of the longer nights and log some shut-eye. A study that was published in the “Archives of Internal Medicine” found that subjects who slept fewer than seven hours were three times more susceptible to colds and the flu as people who slept for at least eight hours. Long story short, sleep is important!

Despite some of your best efforts, you might still end up getting sick with the flu. If this happens, you should be prepared to fight off your symptoms. I recommend stocking up on Vicks VapoRub, Vicks VapoDrops and making yourself a nice, warm bowl of soup and hot tea with lemon! Good luck!

Tara is a junior HPEX health science major at Virginia Commonwealth University. She likes hanging out with friends and family, trying out new places to eat and scrolling through dog videos in her free time.
Keziah is a writer for Her Campus. She is majoring in Fashion Design with a minor in Fashion Merchandising. HCXO!