Simple Ways to Support Your Fellow Women

March is Women’s History Month! That means this month is the time to celebrate the kickass women throughout history who have gone against the grain and stood their ground against adversity. March 8 was International Women’s Day where the theme was #BalanceforBetter. This year women all around the world celebrated taking action for equality and standing up for bias.

There are so many ways great to support women and what a better month to do so than Women’s History Month?! Here are some simple (but very effective!) ways we can.

women international day of the girl GIF by Libby VanderPloeg

1. Crack up on some women’s history.

This could mean looking at Women History Month’s Website for a bit of knowledge that you wouldn’t have known otherwise. They have tons of great resources on some historical figures you may not have known otherwise! You could also brush up on some literature written by women authors, something I have been needing to do currently. 

african american feminism GIF by Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture

2. Pamper yourself buy supporting women-owned businesses!

Here are two of my fave lady-owned brands:


A fun, fresh makeup line made by Emily Weiss, this makeup line is soooooo IT. They have shades for all skin tones and have products that give you a dewy glow and makes you look simply dreamy.

This fun stationery brand is run by talented, creative women. Their styles are dangerously cute, and I like to splurge there a lot because cute stationery means me feeling more willing to do some school work (it's the little things, people!)  Many of their accessories have little happy sayings on it that hype you up and leave your heart feeling warm! Buying this brand also means supporting some lovely ladies.

I read an article from Refinery 29 that gives a whole list of some other great women-owned businesses you can blow your paycheck on!

3. Be Intersectional.

One of the best ways to support women is to be INTERSECTIONAL. This means considering factors of women’s race, sexuality, gender identity, ability, body type, and financial status and being embracing and understanding of these identities while also seeking out information and ways to support others’ struggles. White feminism is NOT cute so let’s not do it.

4. Remind your gal pals that their feelings are valid, they are loved, special and hot! No matter what! women feminist GIF by Libby VanderPloeg

This month I challenge myself and you to crack up on some women’s history perhaps! Sip wine in the bath and read some Maya Angelou! You could treat yourself by buying some women-made stickers from because you deserve it and they are way too cute! Most importantly, support, embrace and love your fellow sisters no matter where their identities may lie.

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