The Secrets Behind Birth Control

Not to say that birth control is a horrible form of contraception and you should never take it, but we still don’t know the secrets behind it. When is the last time you sat down with your doctor and asked about the side effects and downsides of taking birth control? Here are some things you might not know about that daily pill.

1. You can still get pregnant

Birth control isn’t 100 percent effective, ladies. Pregnancy still can occur whether you skipped a couple of days or take it every day.


2. Clitoral shrinkage is a thing

According to Dr. Sara Gottfried, synthetic hormones in birth control pills can shrink the clitoris by 20 percent causing a female to refer to the pill as "genital mutilation".


3. You can start your pack any day of the week

There is no medical reason that you absolutely have to start on Sunday. According to Bryna Harwood, this instruction was designed so women would not have a period on the weekend.


4. You can still have irregular periods or no periods at all

This is not healthy for your body! The hormones from the pill stop normal ovulation.


5. Getting off the pill isn't as easy as you think

When you come to the conclusion that you want to get off of birth control, your menstrual cycle doesn’t always return to normal. According to Melanie Winderlich, she says that this comes from high levels of stress chronic anxiety and extreme changes in weight.