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This Season’s Must-Haves

With new seasons come a new wardrobe, right? For many of us the answer is no – the recession isn’t quite over yet. But we do need to update and add a few can’t-go-wrong-with type of pieces to our closet. You may not have the means as a college student to shop for everything your heart desires but with these must-have pieces in your hand you can come very close.

Let’s start at the absolute bare minimum must have – leather or faux leather! Not into the look or feel of leather of faux leather on your bottom half? Go for a classic leather jacket. Get one that you are “head over heels” in love with, one you can wear everything with. The good thing about leather jackets is they can be that go-to item that spices every outfit up. Or if you’re crazy over leather like me, try leather skinny pants, a midi skirt, a skater skirt or even a leather top. Also try different colors outside of the traditional black; go with burgundy, royal blue or white. There is no wrong way to wear leather. 

The next item is plaid. When a lot of people think plaid they tend to think of flannel, which is just fine, but with this print think outside the box. Try dresses, cropped pants, a blazer, or jacket, even head-to-toe plaid, if you’re into that type of thing. Plaid is like red lipstick and jeans, its classic and will always stick around through the ages.

Break the rules and myths with this next color which has been all the rage, especially with celebrities, and is my personal favorite – WHITE. Yes, I know it’s past Labor Day but fashion has no rules if Gaga hasn’t shown you that already. White is crisp, clean, tasteful plus it looks good on everyone. Cream, eggshell, pure white, off-white – they are all beautiful and it’s easy to find what shade best fits you. If you don’t know where to start with this craze, try a white pant or jean (not too crazy but enough to show people you’re onto the trend). Then work your way up to jackets, purses and even heels. Nothing says clean and simple like the color white.

This season’s best friend boots. This is something everybody can and should do, but not just any boots – we’re talking booties, the shorter version. The over-the-knee trend a few seasons back is a bit too dominatrix at times for students like us. Ankle booties and booties that come above the ankle but below the calf is something every girl needs. These can be suede, leather, cutout, tie up and anything else your money can buy. Booties can be worn with everything: jeans, skirts, dresses, tights and leggings. And the best part is they’re so popular that literally every retailer will have them.

Last, but far from least important, is a boyfriend coat. I believe this item will be more than a quick trend. If you get the right one you can wear it for a lifetime. Boyfriend coats are effortless; you can look homey and simple or super chic in the same coat. Boyfriend coats come in all colors and materials, so take advantage of that. Get a yellow one to add color to a dull wardrobe, get a classic black or camel if that’s you, get a blush pink for the girly-girl in you or get a classic, strong navy that can be worn with everything. My secret for this item: thrift stores. You can end up spending over $100 for a good boyfriend coat from Topshop or Zara but if you take your time to rummage through a thrift store I can almost guarantee you will find one.

And there’s your short shopping list for this year’s cold fall and winter months!

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