School Supplies We All Need to Get Our Groove Back

Ah, there are so many times during the semester that we feel unmotivated and slumped and want to be more productive but don't know how. Personally, I've found getting nice school supplies help and motivate me to do my work better. 

1. Kate Spade or Agendas

These agendas are super cute and fun to use, and will definitely motivate you to plan out your life. The one even comes with stickers! 


2. Motivational Stickers 

Speaking of stickers, these ones will be cute to put over your notebooks and agendas to keep you going. 

3. Post-It Notes 

You can get these Post-it Notes at Barnes and Nobles, they are super cute and have a great variety so you can use them anytime! 

4. These adorable pencils from Kate Spade. 

These pencils are cute while being simple and you'll definitely want to do homework using these. 

5. Using a whiteboard as a planner

Buying a small white-board and putting one in your room will help you to stay organized and you won't miss any deadlines. 

6. And getting cute expo markers to go along with! 

Buying colorful expo markers will motivate you to write on the board more. 

7. The app Istudiez

If you don't feel like buying a planner or a white-board, you can get this app for free on the App Store. 

8. Gel pens

I adore gel pens, and using them in class always makes me want to take better notes. 


I hope everyone gets over their semester slump! Good luck with classes! HCXO