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A Review of Too Faced’s Glitter Face Mask ‘Glow Job’

Too Faced’s first ever face mask came in just as ostentatious as anyone expected for the traditionally over-the-top brand. Filled with rainbow holographic glitter, Glow Job (I know, I know) seems like a gorgeous jar of fairy glue. At around $45 for a pot, this mask certainly did not run cheap, but my glitter-obsessed self had to get it shipped to me ASAP. I was even contemplating buying it off of eBay for almost $80 during the period where it sold out on Too Faced’s website. Call me crazy, but a little extra sparkle never hurt anyone.

At first glance, Glow Job seems like it’s meant for a princess. The jar is graced with pink glittery lettering and makes a great addition to any vanity. Its smell is a bit strange, sort of like an apple that is almost bad, but surprisingly, it isn’t that terrible. The mask comes with a small applicator to spread it on the face, but to me it is much too tiny and leads to issues putting the product on your face. Since this mask is so pricey, I wish they would have created a better spatula-esque tool with which to layer it on your face. I recommend purchasing your own silicone face mask brush for this one.

The mask itself feels nice on the skin and it literally makes you look like the most beautiful girl in the entire world. Because truthfully, who could stop staring at a girl with glitter skin? I always get so many compliments from other girls on my hall when I walk around and do my nightly routine with my mask on. It truly is a showstopper. Bad b*tches only.

For masks like this, they usually don’t require more than 20 minutes on your face before you need to peel them off, but for Glow Job, parts of the mask weren’t even dry after 20 minutes. I waited another 10 minutes, and again the same areas were not dry. This is a peel off mask, meaning that if it’s not all the way dry, it essentially cannot be removed effectively. The whole point of a peel off mask is to peel off to product when dry and also remove impurities from your skin. I think Too Faced needs to improve this masks’s formula to make it dry a little better.

Also, I think it’s worth mentioning that on Too Faced’s website, the only thing the mask promises to do is remove dead skin and “brighten,” which can be done by just washing your face with water and a washcloth, if you think about it. The website also mentions that the mask is infused with some fancy oils that also brighten, which is nice, and apple extract to help us all glow. How much all of these things work to make us as glowy as possible, I’m not quite sure, but I guess it’s worth a try.

Overall, I was underwhelmed by the effects of this mask. By reading the description only promising to remove dead skin and “brighten,” I’m not surprised that my skin didn’t feel as wonderful as I might have hoped it to be. I don’t think the fruit extracts are strong enough to truly peel off enough dead skin as it would take to see actual results. To me, this seems like a very gentle mask, and due to the nature of my skin, I need something a little more intense to remove dead skin and impurities. All my pores do all day is clog themselves. Day and night. So I need all of my skin removed every day with my makeup so I don’t break out like crazy.

I feel like this mask would be good for people who have very minor skincare needs because it’s effects are so minimal. It really is for show. And I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but it would truly be amazing if it was both beautiful and effective. Hard to get both beauty and brains, am I right?

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Madeline Wheeler is a journalist major with a focus in print and online journalism at VCU. In her free time, she enjoys drinking floral teas, going to underground concerts in smoky basements, and hunting for keys to the past in antique stores.
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