Registering for Your Last Semester of College as Told by the Office

When you come into college freshman year, there seems like there is no end in sight—four years, eight semesters and so many memories to be made in between. That old cliché rings true, though—four years absolutely does fly by. I distinctly remember my first day of classes freshman year—which make it all the wilder that, last week, I registered for my last semester of college classes (as an undergrad and, if I don’t go to grad school, forever). It was a very surreal experience, something that can only be described through gifs from The Office. 

1. Planning your schedule for the last time.

Part of you is already sentimental for this (personally, I love planning my schedule) because you know you’ll never spend hours poring over all the options that will be offered again. At this point in your career, you probably have a very specific list of classes you need to take—so gone are the days where you took Sculpture and Yoga just because you could. It’s now time for capstones and senior seminars, and maybe the gen-ed you’ve been putting off for three years at this point.

2. Putting classes into your cart for the last time.

Once your schedule has been perfected, it’s time to send it away and not worry about it until registration day. A part of me was incredibly sentimental about this, especially because it only took me 15 minutes to plan my schedule—I thought fondly back to the days where it took me well over three days, because there were just so many options within the broad range of classes offered. Sending it to the registration cart was a surreal feeling—I was done planning my schedule, forever.

3. Waiting for registration…for the last time. 

This was the absolute best part of registering for my last semester of college. Gone are the days where you would have to anxiously check on your favored classes three times a week to make sure they weren’t full—I could rest easily knowing I had one of the first registration dates. I was ecstatic that this would be the only time in my collegiate career I knew I would get my first choice of classes, and would not have to go back into the planning phase once all of my first choices inevitably filled up.

4. Waking up at 8 a.m. to register (for the last time). 

I set my singular alarm for registration morning for 7:50 a.m., thinking back to the days I would set 12 alarms at 7:05, 7:10, 7:15, etc. to ensure I was up and ready to hit that fateful “register” button. Unlike when I was a small baby underclassman, waiting anxiously for 8:00 since waking up at 7:00, I dozed between 7:50 and 7:59, waiting for the clock to hit 8:00. I felt the same rush of adrenaline waiting for the final seconds to narrow down, like I was in a race with hundreds of unseen people that were all vying for the same spots I was. 

5. Actually registering…for the last. Time. 

Hitting the “register” button at 8:00 a.m. brought a weird rush of emotions—the same anxiety since freshman year twisting in my stomach that, maybe, one of my classes had filled up; the same nervousness thinking about the workload of the semester ahead; and a new feeling, one of finality. That was the last time I would ever worry about registering for classes; the last time I would walk into a brand-new class on the first day; and the last time my name would ever appear on a student roster. Needless to say, I was very emotional at 8:00 a.m. on registration day. 

Make sure to enjoy your last semester, senior collegiettes; graduation is coming up!

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