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A Reflection on My High School Years

When I was a senior in high school, I remember seeing so many different articles or posts talking about how I needed to take advantage of every little moment in high school because I’ll never have moments like that again. I understood what the writers of those articles meant because college is completely different from high school, however, even though I had so many good memories in high school, I wouldn’t wish to relive those days. I remember as a senior in high school, I was so nervous about the future. Whether it was if I was making the right choice for a college to attend or if I was choosing the right major, I doubted myself about everything. Now that I’m a sophomore in college I can honestly tell my younger self that I made the right decisions.

I feel like when I was a senior in high school, there were so many people just giving out their opinions about everything. Whether it was the reputations about other colleges or even if they thought someone couldn’t get into a certain college – it was all just extremely toxic for me. I feel like it caused so many insecurities and doubt. However, none of those people’s thoughts or opinions mattered. If I could give advice to any senior in high school, it would be to choose the college that you feel like YOU would be the happiest in. Don’t choose to go to a school simply because it’s a prestigous school. I saw so many people transfer colleges after their freshman year because they realized that they went to those schools for the wrong reasons. Every school in different, and I firmly believe that you need to go to a college that will make you the happiest.

In my senior year of high school, I had to deal with so much unnecessary drama. I remember it always being the only thing my friends and I would talk about. Even back then, I knew that stuff would not matter by now, yet it still really bothered me throughout my last year of high school. If I could walk up to the senior year version of myself and tell her anything, it would definitely be that the stuff going on in high school really does not matter. I rarely think about the drama from high school anymore because it just doesn’t matter. There are so many more important things that are going on in the world.

Overall, high school was a fun time. Sometimes I’ll look back on old photographs and videos and wish for a moment that I could relive the days where I didn’t have to pay for bills. However, I’m happy in college and believe that all the worries and stress that I went through as a senior was meaningless.

Photos courtesy of Tess Runion Photography

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