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We all leave home for school excited to be free from our parents’ grasp. We’re all different and we all have different palates.  Everything is great at Shafer, Pizza Hut, Subway and Bleakers, but at some point your palate begins to crave something new. No worries! Below are some great alternatives for all the VCU Ram foodies out there.

Early Birds 

For the early birds, the perfect breakfast spot is The Sidewalk Cafe. It is located at 2101 W Main St. They have spectacular omelets for the low, low. You can definitely ball on a budget at this place.  For once, you won’t look like you’re a regular on the “I am a college student” struggle bus.

Mid-day Munchers 

For the my class-wasn’t-until-12:00-so-I-missed-breakfast-but- i’m-starving friends, here’s the next best thing to unicorns. Yup you guessed it! It is a food truck. The mecca of all mouth watering , quick and easy on the go, budget-friendly food options.  It’s a little piece of heaven called Mobile Munchies. You can find it at W. Main St. in between Harrison & Linden at the VCU Commons. So when you’re commuting in between classes, be sure to stop by.

Night Owls

Last but certainly not least, there are the night owls of course. Everything tastes better under the stars anyway. It’s the perfect spot for those who like breakfast for dinner or those who just want fries with shakes. It has everything your little heart could ever desire.  It’s a little spot known by many members of the Ram Fam and it’s super close by. The Village is on 410 N Harrison St.  So rest up and enjoy some good eating. If you want a spot for great people watching action, sit by the huge glass window near the back. 

All three of these nifty spots are close by and affordable. Each offers a new way to satisfy those taste buds.

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