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Quality vs. Price Tag—Does it Really Matter?

Have you ever been shopping for what’s on your grocery list and get sidetracked by the variety of clothes racks at Target? How about strolling the aisles at Walmart when you realize you’ve run out of socks? No worries, you are not the only one. There have been countless times where I have roamed the Target store as a 19-year-old like I was a toddler in Toys R Us. Although Walmart steals the thunder with low price grocery shopping, there are still people who don’t believe in ever even purchasing clothes at these stores. 

For some, it’s all about what’s most expensive that will get their approval to swipe their credit cards. The garments that claim to have the softest fabric or advertise as the “leading brand”  are still just as susceptible to stains, along with wear and tear. Highest quality does not ensure a lifetime warranty, so be careful the next time you decide to go all out and splurge your latest paycheck on something you could be getting triple of somewhere else. 

Even though it’s completely understandable for anyone to spend their moola on what they want, there is absolutely no shame in shopping for clothes in general merchandise stores. As of recent, these stores have been upping their game in providing customers with pretty affordable fashion-forward pieces. Some drugstores have even expanded their horizons to more than just graphic tees and other essential basics. For example, Target and Walmart have begun to carry plus sizes, athletic and leisure-wear, shoes, coats, lingerie and even swimwear. What is there not to love?

Some brands have been popping out on the racks of these stores such as Merona and Mossimo (found at Target,) which used to have stand-alone locations too. Another example of this is Champion (found at Walmart), the athletic sportswear brand based from the OG basics brand, Hanes. Browsing for clothes in these places will really give you more bang for your buck. No, this article is not sponsored… but you can’t deny the convenience that shopping at these stores offers customers. Even drugstore makeup brands sold through these stores are made in the same factories and sent out by the same manufacturers that sell makeup at stores like Sephora and Ulta. Inclusivity is not a question when debating whether or not drugstore beauty has got you covered. 

So who knows, maybe the next time you’re looking for the produce section, venture just a little beyond, because being in these stores is like being stuck in a black hole. The ease of being able to do this all-in-one type of shopping is so easy. Whether shopping at department stores for you is hit or miss, there is no denying the affordability that comes with the savings that rack up. 


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Victoria grew up in Northern Virginia and is a Junior at VCU this year. She is majoring in Mass Communications with a concentration in Digital Journalism and dreams of pursuing a career involved in Fashion Editing. She loves traveling, listening to music 24/7, and learning about new cultures.
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