Put Down That Flatiron: 5 Natural Prom-Friendly Hairstyles That Require No Heat

One of the biggest misconceptions with natural hair is that it’s limited. “There’s not a lot of styles you can do with natural hair." I know when I was growing up, whether it was prom, graduation or any other special occasion, I would drag out my flat iron because it was the only way I thought my hair could look sophisticated.



One of natural hair’s biggest strengths, in my opinion, is its versatility. Having natural hair opens the door to a litany of unique and stunning hairdos that are perfect for different occasions.


Now don’t get me wrong, straightening your hair for a special occasion is not an issue. However, you should straighten your hair because you want to, not because you think it’s your only option.


So for this year’s prom, ladies, put away that flat iron and try some of these no heat, natural styles that embrace what God gave ‘ya.  

1. The Roll and Tuck



The “roll and tuck” is one of the easiest natural hairdos to execute for any hair type and length. It’s simple, elegant and there’s a million and one ways to do it. Just grab some eco styling gel, some bobby pins and go crazy. 

2. The Pompadour



If you want to supply some Janelle Monae realness, maybe the pompadour is the hairstyle for you. A more retro variation of the roll and tuck, a pompadour is a perfect way to make a statement while strutting into prom.


3. A Sleek, High Bun



A sleek, high bun is a sophisticated style that’ll really scream class. You can also intricately slick your baby hairs down to add a little 90’s va va voom to your do.


4. Braids


From micro to box to cornrows to faux locs, you can’t really go wrong with picking this protective style for prom night. Who can forget Zendaya’s gorgeous faux locs that she wore to the Oscars? Stunning! Plus most of the hairstyles listed above can also be applied to braids.


5. A Good, Ol’ Fashioned Fro



Who said that afros couldn’t be glamorous? Afros have been rocked by some of the greats from Amara La Negra to Diana Ross. And anyone who says Diana Ross isn’t glamorous is nuts.  Your natural hair picked out in all it’s kinky glory is gorgeous. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


A few more tips for amping up your natural hairstyles:


- Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. Adding jewels, a flower or well-placed hairpin can add so much more to the average hairstyle.


- Slick Down Those Edges. While slicking down your edges isn’t mandatory, it is an effective way to create a more polished look. Although, if you want your edges fluffy, go on with your bad self.

Remember, just do whatever makes you feel happy and confident. Whether that’s an afro or weave down to your butt, you’re gonna look great. Hopefully, this article gave you some natural hair-spiration for that special night.


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