Places With Creative Cocktails in RVA

Sometimes you just get tired of your tried-and-true vodka cranberry, you know? A fancy night on the town deserves some extra elaborate drinks. Here are a couple places in town that will fit the bill.

1 - The Roosevelt

Located in Church Hill, The Roosevelt serves up upscale southern cuisine and some interesting yet familiar cocktails. "I Was Never Given a Name" features Averna Amaro, grapefruit, Cocchi Rosa and a coffee tincture, which is a concentrated liquid. For something a little exciting, you can try the "Part-Time Lover" which features tequila, Campari, La Quintyne Rouge, spiced cherry bitters and a mezcal rinse. "The Seersucker" is a familiar treat with bourbon, sweet tea syrup, Angostura bitters and charred lemon. The Roosevelt has another eight craft cocktails on their menu that will all delightfully complement their high-quality food.

2 - The Jasper

The Jasper in Carytown has 14 house cocktails that will make you smile and maybe even have a few questions. They are mainly a bar, and only feature a couple snack-like items for a food menu. The "Draft Zombie" has rums, falernum, grenadine, cinnamon, grapefruit, lime and absinthe for a spooky treat. "Alyssa's Big Night Out" contains vodka, strawberries, balsamic (yes, like the vinegar), lime and orange bitters. They are open until two a.m. most nights, so your ultra late night cocktails cravings can be sufficed.

3 - Metzger

This favorite German restaurant in Church Hill plates up some amazing food and special potions. The "Celebrity Room" cocktail is named for the old and famous pizza place from Richmond's past. It has apple brandy, amaro montenegro, tea, lemon angostura and soda. The St. Geeland is good for someone that likes something a little fruity and botanical. It is comprised of gin, pear brandy, yellow chartreuse, benedictine and maraschino. Try Metzger when you're looking for a change up in your food routine.

4 - Dutch and Company

Richmond's sweetheart when it comes to restaurants is definitely Dutch & Co. Their cocktails step up to the plate as well. For something standard that will match well with most anything on the menu, try the "Earl Grey Vieux Carree" which includes earl grey Bulleit rye whisky, brandy, benedictine, Barolo Chinato and Peychaud & Angostura bitters. Just like sipping on some Earl Grey tea, am I right? If you're looking for something a little more refreshing, you could try the "Pimm's Royale," which consists of Pimm's no. 1, gin, sherry, orange cordial, lemon, sparkling water, mint and sage.

Keep in mind that any two of these cocktails will cost you a definite $25, but they are well worth the splurge every once in a while or for a special occasion. Happy sipping!

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